A Simple,exciting card game DOUDIZHU!Now included Clan!

A Simple,exciting card game DOUDIZHU!
High multiplier make you feel the excitement!
Now come with 3 Kingdom theme!
Make your kingdom defeat others!

What's new

Version 1.06:
-changed gameplay with extra wild cards.
-added ranked system.
-added Jackpot System.
-fixed bugs

Version 1.05:
-updated story mode.
-fixed bugs.

Version 1.04:
-fixed bugs.

Version 1.03:
-fixed bugs and improve graphic.

Version 1.02:
-Improve graphic effect and fixed some bug.
-added battle of wits!
-added tutorial and chat room!

Version 1.01:
-Improve graphic effect.
-add in clan war event.

Version 1.00:
Beta launch.
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