ActiveOBD TQ is the Torque Pro application plug-in providing extra Subaru-specific sensors. Compatibility check (FREE): stand-alone application "ActiveOBD for Subaru"...

ActiveOBD TQ is the Torque Pro application plug-in providing extra Subaru-specific sensors. Compatibility check (FREE): stand-alone application "ActiveOBD for Subaru"

- Compatible OBD adapter: OBDLink MX / LX (recommended), Vgate iCar2/3;
- Subaru vehicle MY 2007-... (CAN bus interface);
- Torque Pro (paid version) installed with full access enabled for Plugins (Settings -> Plugins -> Allow plugins full access).

Extra sensors list (subject to availability):
- AT/CVT Fluid temperature;
- AWD Transfer Duty Ratio;
- Mass Airflow Sensor Voltage;
- Lock Up Duty Ratio;
- Turbine Revolution Speed;
- IAM (Ignition Advance Multiplier);
- Battery Voltage ECU-side;
- Alternator Duty;
- Memorized Cruise Speed;
- AT/CVT Fluid deterioration rate (experimental).

Note: the plug-in provides the UI for sensors selection and export options setup.

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2016-04-12 Do not purchase absolutely trash already have owned torque pro for a couple years and thought that maybe there finally was a plug in for subaru so I could observe live readings on my tablet or phone and not always have to have my Cobb access port hooked up. I am no noob....this app never worked I am want my money back

versedispersed avatar


2018-04-09 To is a very good app, my only gripe is that the AFR reports lower than what actual is. Please fix this. I have a 2017 Subaru WRX CVT.

Victor Gan avatar

Victor Gan

2018-03-23 Shows cvt temp for 2015 wrx. But does not log the readings. Is this an app issue?

Mark Lin avatar

Mark Lin

2018-03-18 Not working with my purchased Toqure Pro.. say full access disabled.

Ivan Tsochev avatar

Ivan Tsochev

2017-10-28 Don't work on Subaru STI 2015 please update it and make it work the idea is gread I don't want my money back I want to support the development of the app

Nick Florent avatar

Nick Florent

2017-05-30 Good, but the O2 volts occasionally stops working. The same parameter in torque continues to work.

Rusty Starks avatar

Rusty Starks

2017-03-01 I can't get any of the guages to work the all say limited access. Would give it 5 stars if this can be fixed

Tim Swin avatar

Tim Swin

2017-01-21 IAM not working with 07 forester. Only reason i bought the app.. wasted $$ seems decent other than the only feature i wanted not working

Mike Murphy avatar

Mike Murphy

2017-01-09 Bought for 2014 Crosstrek... needed (because I think my Subbie is possessed) the CVTF. Works as expected... damnit! Now I know my CVT is fine. Wish the Devs could ping all Subbie sensors.

Matthew Miller avatar

Matthew Miller

2016-10-30 Very useful! Using it on my 2012 Subaru Outback 3.6R (5AT) and it lets me add readouts for the oil temp, AT oil temp, and a few other readouts (cruise-set). I haven't tested the cruise-set one but it sounds extremely useful. Wish there had been a link from ActiveOBD because this app was very hard to find, I thought the "free" one was supposed to be what this is and had become quite discouraged. This one is much more useful.


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