Best Android Solitaire game!Build a beautiful city with the best solitaire!

Build your city while playing solitaire games!

A solitaire game that anyone can enjoy easily. It can be a bit challenging but fun!
Enjoy the excitement of completing the card stack with the new city-building solitaire during various civilization eras!

♥ Familiar and addictive card game
- Age of solitaire is a classic Klondike solitaire game that anyone can enjoy.
- You can enjoy the joy of constructing various cities with proven fun.
- Offline mode available

♣ Overcoming the crisis with helpful items
- Using the Undo item, you can make up for mistakes.
- Use Hint item to find out your next move.
- Open -1 card Item to lower the difficulty level.
- Shuffle item lets you shuffle unopened cards.

What's new

- Application performance improvement and optimization
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Fidel Altamirano avatar

Fidel Altamirano

2017-12-20 Is this short enough?

Shelby C avatar

Shelby C

2017-12-02 Stuck at 55% and won't go past the first age no matter how many times I win. It gets stuck on the win screen after it shows how many coins you got.

loopy smith avatar

loopy smith

2017-11-18 Another update and jet again error message when you open the game and you can't collect the daily bonus

angie maier avatar

angie maier

2017-11-18 Wouldn't even get past the collect your reward!

Racheline Davison avatar

Racheline Davison

2017-10-20 Fun. Engaging. Challenging but not "bash your head against the wall" impossible. Ads are fine. They don't bother me. All in all, pretty cool. I like it so far.

Ladybug Gallant avatar

Ladybug Gallant

2017-10-07 Awesome way to relax

Lawrence Selvy avatar

Lawrence Selvy

2017-10-06 The real issue is that when the ads end, half the time I'm stuck on a black screen. When that happens I have to sit though another ad. Finding a different solitaire app.

Tracy Bitner avatar

Tracy Bitner

2017-10-05 When you ask for a rating within 5 minutes of downloading you get a 1

Alannah Rudduck avatar

Alannah Rudduck

2017-09-26 Kept kicking me out

Ky Cranston avatar

Ky Cranston

2017-10-11 Very cool game


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