AniWorld is a game designed to help your child learn more about animals in an interactive enjoyable fun way.Your kid...

AniWorld is a game designed to help your child learn more about animals in an interactive enjoyable fun way.
Your kid would love this game and during this fun game will learn more about animals and their world.

The game offers 3 groups of animals for the kid to choose from:
- Jungle, farm, pets.
- 36 animals and sounds the kid can choose and play with.

When the kid choose an animal in the game he is transferred to the animal screen. In this screen the kid sees the animal and hears the animal sound and name

For each animal the kid have the following fun game functions to explore:

• Animal home
The kid can press the animal home to discover where the animal sleeps. Each animal is presented resting the game educates the kid about the animal natural environment. In the background you hear the sound of the animal snoring with bed time music.

• Feed me
In this game section the kid feeds the animal by choosing one of three different food types.
When the right food is selected, the picture is switching to the animal eating.
In the game background you hear the chewing sounds of animal eating.
Choosing the wrong food the animal would respond with a “nooo” fun sound.

Note :
The kid feeds the animal by dragging the food to the animal or by pressing it.

The reason we support both ways to fit the needs of the kid in different ages. When your child is young encourage him to press the food. As the kid grows up and his eye hand coordination is evolving encourage your kid to press drag and drop the right food to the animal.

• Pet Me
In this game screen the kid can see the animal heart on the left side of the screen. When the kid pet the animal the heart is filled with joy.
Another fun effect is animal gargling and making fun animal sounds when the kid is petting it.
When the heart is filled with joy (full red) the animal is rewarding the child by playing music and wearing effects for the joy of the kid.
Your kid would love to explore the game to find different animals and morph.

Note: the background music sound for animals is random

From birth to adult
The kid would see the animal grows from a baby to an adult animal. The kid can navigate between the phases by pressing the plus and minus buttons or by using the scroll mechanism.
This part of the game invites you and your child to talk about growing up and the changes during the process.

The game supports both the plus and minus buttons and the scrolling mechanism to address the needs of the child in varies ages. When your child is young encourage him to use the buttons as he gets older and eye hand coordination is evolving feel free to encourage him to explore the scrolling option.

We at MToddlearn (Mobile toddler learning) created this fun game addressing kids in varies ages from 1.5 years old to five. We strive to create special appealing games that would address each of the age segments. As you would see, we have put a lot of thought in this fun game and consulted with child development specialist. The outcome is a fun quality game for kids we are excited about.

We hope your kids would find this game fun and educational. We would love to hear comment and suggestion at [email protected] we will answer any mail rapidly.

MToddlearn team

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fix the buffalo sound.

added new fun and exciting Birds tab. play and learn about the animals.
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