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Aviary Effects: Noir
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Aviary Effects: Noir description:

This effects pack is a plugin that only works inside Photo Editor by Aviary and select third-party apps that use Aviary's Photo Editor.

You can download Photo Editor by Aviary here for FREE: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.aviary.android.feather&hl=en


NOTE: For anyone experiences with this pack earlier, the issue has been fixed.

These magnificent black and white filters will make your photos look both cinematic and classic.

If you have any questions, please email [email protected]
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User reviews
Al Arrieta avatar

Al Arrieta

Wont show up in Pic Collage When I load up pic collage it says the app needs to be updated and takes me to the app store where I bought it but wont give me the option to update. Too bad looks like great effects, but now Im afraid to buy others incase the same thing happens. Galaxy Note 10.1

Carrie Just avatar

Carrie Just

Not happy! I have loved this App for ever. And All of the plug-ins, but this one not much. I wish I never paid for this one, there all almost the same. I love,love black & white pictures, but like I said not so much with this one!

Allison Wallace avatar

Allison Wallace

These are the best! This is the only photo app and filters I use. Even when updates come out it is for the best. The developers don't go and screw it up for the users. I do not like any of the stickers. However they are good for kids and teens. I have bought most of not all of the filters. I will always use this app. Unless they decided to screw it up with an update.

Ian Ambrose avatar

Ian Ambrose

Below average Only 6 for £1.31, and 2 sets of 2 effects are very similar to each other, so really only 4 included. Very poor

Jennifer Vose avatar

Jennifer Vose

Up date Hate it its the first app I ever bought and last tells me to up date everytime So I just uninstalled instead