a vivid career of a junior official steps into a king

《Be The Emperor》is an original palace mobile game. In the game,we designed the antique palace as our world background ,as the same time you will play as an emperor to manage your own court. In here,We present an awesome emperor life from different angles. You will take control everything such as realize your harem nurturance plan , act as a detective to trace the criminal.We promise that you will indulge in our game.

====Game features====
【Back to the past】
The game shows the real ancient palace building scene make the player feels like to travel through the ancient palaces age.
【Be the king】
In the game, players upgrade their official ranks, so as to enhance their own powers step by step and rise to the be the single world emperor
【Palace and Concubines】
The country's emperors maintained legendary harems of concubines,different kinds of beauties for you to choose,and more improtant,you have an obligation to rise your offspring .

What's new

The latest version is coming.


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