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BEAT MP3 - Rhythm Game description:

★★★ Next generation auto music analysis rhythm game BEAT MP3! ★★★

Including MP3 file, moreover whole of extension of music file can be supported.
You can enjoyed this awesome rhythm game with your OWN music library in your mobile devices
Hit the notes at the correct time to get the highest score then share your score with your friends

Feature of BEAT MP3.

- This game includes exclusive music analysis system, makes perfect beat timing looks like which song writers made it.
- It also has random beat system which makes different kind of game even with the same song.
- You can enjoy the game without loading after 1st precision song analysis.
- It’s cozy, fantastic graphic and effect, especially fever mode will make you immersed in this game.
- It adds more exciting system with random bonus event.
- Auto accumulated system with 10 coins per 30 minutes.

Various options.

- 3 different lines ( 4,5,6 lines)
- 9 steps speed ( 1x to 5x with 0.5 step)
- 4 steps mode ( Easy,Normal,Hard,Crazy)
- Beat sound on/off function
- Random beat on/off function( everytime you’ll se different note even with same song)
- Support four different language(Korean,Japanese,English,Chinese)

Provides guitar, drum, and music games.

ver 1.1.6
1.Fever button bug fixed

Ver 1.1.5
1. Miss judgment fixed.
Touch a blank area not miss
2. It judges became more details.
3. Changed the color of long note&slide note.

Ver 1.1.0
1. Enlarge the touch area
2. Add buttons FEVER
3. bug correction which terminates the game while running.

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Older version of BEAT MP3 - Rhythm Game APK
BEAT MP3 - Rhythm Game 1.5.7 for Android 2.3 APK file

Version: 1.5.7 for Android Android 2.3

Update on: February 24 17

Signature: 555f69850ea58c42fbe69e73e78ed4703271ed32

Size: 31.65 MB (33,187,700 bytes)

Download APK (32 MB)

BEAT MP3 - Rhythm Game 1.5.6 for Android 2.3 APK file

Version: 1.5.6 for Android Android 2.3

Update on: October 07 16

Signature: 555f69850ea58c42fbe69e73e78ed4703271ed32

Size: 31.81 MB (33,350,183 bytes)

Download APK (32 MB)

BEAT MP3 - Rhythm Game 1.5.5 for Android 2.3 APK file

Version: 1.5.5 for Android Android 2.3

Update on: September 15 15

Signature: 555f69850ea58c42fbe69e73e78ed4703271ed32

Size: 30.62 MB (32,111,224 bytes)

Download APK (31 MB)

User reviews
Loyda Salazar avatar

Loyda Salazar

Seriously not worth downloading I gave it a try despite the rating and i absolutely loved it honestly i thought it was amazing it reminded me of Guitar Hero. But then after like 30 songs give or take it started asking for coins and the only way to get coins is by watching videos that take forever to play like wtf they should've made the game like this..for every song you play you earn points depending on your rank this would improve the rating a whole lot but ig they just want to make you buy the unlimited version witch totally sucks

Dash. O avatar

Dash. O

Best rhythm game on android :) I thoroughly have enjoyed this for a long time and the unlimited version is pretty cheap. Idk what people are talking about it crashing or it doesn't work. It's probably their phone's fault not the game. The sync with the music is very well done :D Every time a get a new song I go straight to this app to play it (not joking). Great job guys <3

Donnie B avatar

Donnie B

Version 2 better. Spoiled by that first If you want to have an unbiased opinion of this game DON'T play version 2 first. That one is more pretty to look at, and the score seems to grow faster than this one. Also combos in this one are totaled as a whole total over being scored as a "combo". You won't miss the "grade bonus" in ver. 2. So really this is a review, for ver. 2, in reverse. uninstalled. ver. 2 much much better.

Tyler Fondren avatar

Tyler Fondren

In love Its been awhile since a rythm game has given me those chills you get when you're synced so beautifully with your music, but this game succeeds and I can't thank developers enough. Now work on 2.0 and make more stuff for me to throw my money at! <3

Marby Tibon avatar

Marby Tibon

I hate the touch pad I got a lots of miss because of this freakin' touch pad. If you could only fix this touch pad, i will change my rating to 5. This game is great but the touch pad sucks. But still running smooth on my samsung galaxy duos no lag and bug. Just the touch pad sucks doesnt allow me to enjoy the game so bad...