Transform your phone into a modern GPS Bike Computer.

Transform your phone into a modern Bike Computer.

Cycle with confidence and improve with each ride! Bike Computer offers personalized metrics, it syncs with Strava and Facebook, and provides safety with the unique Keep me Safe feature.

The community of over 100.000 active cyclists have covered over 3 million kilometers to date, and they are still going strong. That amounts to a bike ride to the Moon and back… eight times! Join us.

Stay focused on the important things:

A minimal, yet powerful design - Bike Computer has a minimal interface that is designed to keep you focused on your performance.

Personalize your metrics - We talked to hundreds of cyclists what they need for better experience. We discovered that as cyclists improve, they also like to focus on different metrics. Now, with a new customizable dashboard, you can follow those metrics that are most important to you.

Dark theme that saves battery life - There is nothing more impressive than a Bike Computer wrapped in black. With the Dark Theme you can follow closely your performance during night rides, and save battery life during the day.

Safety is a priority - Keep me Safe ™ will send SOS messages with the location of your accident. Note: Keep me Safe™ works only when the phone is firmly secured to a bike mount.

Get more out of your Bike Computer:

Save activity even when offline - You don’t have to be always online anymore. Now your activities will be saved even when offline, and synchronize when you connect!

Premium deals for premium users - Now you can get that cycling gear you always wanted, for a discounted price.

Learn how to improve - Now you can analyze your performance in detail with speed and elevation graphs from every stage of your ride.

Support for your devices - Bike Computer works with almost all Bluetooth activity tracker and HR monitors.

Stay connected with the cycling community:

Sync your rides with Strava - You can save your activities on Strava, share it with friends on social media, or with other Bike Computer cyclists.

Awesome maps for GPS navigation - Find your friends and fellow cyclists on a map in real-time and join them for a bike ride.

Make your rides unforgettable - Share your rides with beautifully designed overlays. Express your passion for cycling with awesome stickers, and make your cycling photographs more beautiful for sharing on Instagram and Facebook.

Let's ride! :)

What's new

*Two Subscription Tiers now available. Get Keep Me Safe and the dark theme at lower price.

*Important fix for Android 8.0 + Oreo devices, regarding GPS accuracy and measuring metrics.

*Performance optimizations.

*Battery improvement.

*Various bug fixes.


Marjan Lazarevski avatar

Marjan Lazarevski

2018-05-25 Kinda dissapointed that the dark theme is now a paid feature, since it used to be a part of the free version in the beginning.

Kevin Stiles avatar

Kevin Stiles

2018-05-23 So far works great. I've had no problems storing the trips, seeing results, etc. Battery usage has been acceptable, using Google Maps or Waze sucks a lot more power. My S7 is good for several hours riding. The only thing I would like to see is a landscape mode for the display.

A Google user avatar

A Google user

2018-02-04 Max speed 8.4, ave speed 16.7 Did you fail maths at school?!

Stephen McMillan avatar

Stephen McMillan

2018-01-22 Misleading. Downloaded because of dark theme. That and most other features listed are only on the paid premium version. Click bait and dishonest. Update: Responded to "Ivan", as requested, over two weeks ago. No reply. His concern over my negative feedback is automated and non-responsive. Also, the app has used up 26% of my battery in the background, with it not even running. Garbage. Uninstalled.

Keshab Bhujel avatar

Keshab Bhujel

2018-01-06 I use this apps. i like it.

J H avatar


2017-12-05 Charges premium for basic features, which is fine if you never want to buy a standalone cycling computer. Not for people who want to view some basic data every now and then.

Wasiul Haq avatar

Wasiul Haq

2017-11-28 Crash every time without Internet. Plz fix it.

Nitesh kumar avatar

Nitesh kumar

2017-10-21 Not bad at all

Jim Warriner avatar

Jim Warriner

2017-10-27 I use this app on every ride and I absolutely love it. The ability to sync with Strava is a great feature.

A Google user avatar

A Google user

2017-10-06 Irritating upgrade, wiped past data, now needs log in. Had been the best, now lost trust


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