Pilot a war helicopter and try to defeat all enemies in this action-packed game!

Get ready for a fierce battle against ground and air forces! Pilot the most hardcore combat helicopter and try to survive the ruthless onslaughts of your merciless enemy. Hurry now: get to the chopper ‘cause the action is about to begin!

One pilot can make the difference in this war. Will you be the one to take on and succeed in this risky mission? Upgrade your aircraft to turn it into the most fearsome war machine ever built and give those foes the taste of your bullets.

Blast through each different zone, defeat its boss and complete side missions to earn medals and unlock more zones!

Use a diversity of weapons to shoot enemies and beat them down in an exciting and thrilling combat experience. Use strategy to advance through breathtaking levels that will hook both casual players and hardcore gamers alike.

Earn coins in the combat zone to purchase and upgrade your weapons, including drones, missiles, lasers and flamethrowers. The battlefield is no playground, so you’d better gear up!

• Straightforward, but challenging gameplay
• Dozens of weapons and aircraft upgrades
• Intense and exciting Boss fights
• Game changing power-ups
• Stunning levels and awesome artwork

An action-packed military sky adventure awaits you in Birds of Glory!
Start playing your new war game right now! Duty calls you!

Please note! This game is free to play, but it contains items that can be purchased for real money. Some features and extras mentioned in the description may also have to be purchased for real money.

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sunartana trisakti avatar

sunartana trisakti

2015-05-06 awesome

Martin Hughes avatar

Martin Hughes

2015-04-26 Either my version doesn't work or the controls are useless. Be an awesome game if you could improve the controls to be able to maneuver where your finger is on the screen instead of tapping /holding to go up or down. Not my cup of tea sorry -but that's not to say others won't like it though. It's free to install so you got nothing to lose by trying it. Just not for me the way the controls are as they are. Sorry Devs

John Williams avatar

John Williams

2018-01-15 One of the best.

Aman Tripathi avatar

Aman Tripathi

2016-05-12 Its copy game

Minlun P avatar

Minlun P

2016-06-10 I really2 enjoy it

Michael Westen avatar

Michael Westen

2016-05-06 But somehow worse

Mujahid Mohd Razali avatar

Mujahid Mohd Razali

2016-04-23 Its just like C.H.O.P.S but way more cooler

John Kitty Jacobs avatar

John Kitty Jacobs

2016-02-11 If i could 0 stars terrible game terrible graphics and complete copy of CHOPS and 10 diamonds to revive stupid just #@## you such a terrible game and if i could -5 stars that's how terrible this game is copiers 😭😰😡😡👿

Mamadi Trawally avatar

Mamadi Trawally

2016-01-02 Coool game its really awesome

Malcolm Titley avatar

Malcolm Titley

2015-12-27 Liked it but impossible to control


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