Use to our app for Simple way to make and earn PayPal money or Cash by just watch video. The...

Use to our app for Simple way to make and earn PayPal money or Cash by just watch video. The wonderful thing about this Earn cash app is that you win up to $250 PayPal Cash.And up to 25$ / per Week.
Our app is the best way to get a lot of easy money yourself. Enrich yourself by doing simple action of Touch and Fire Bubble which includes Bitcoin inside.

STAGE 1: $25 Bitcoin - PayPal Cash STAGE 2: $50 Bitcoin - PayPal Cash
STAGE 3: $100 Bitcoin - PayPal Cash
STAGE 4: $250 Bitcoin - PayPal Cash"

"Guide to simple Step Which You Follow:
- The Main Task to Play with Touch and Fire Bitcoin Cube and Reach to 499999 clicks.
- Tap&Hold Booster will help you to make more clicks in Short Time thats help to Save Your Good Time
- The more regularly you spin the Roulette, the more clicks you get! It will let you to earn money fast"

This Days there are a lot of people who’ve tried the myriads of free cash applications before, but have ultimate choose on our cash app as we deliver what we promise and you receive what you earn. We do have the 100% payout guarantee during 5 working days if you haven’t disturb our terms trying to cheat the amounts.
We do offer 4 missions for you to redeem the cash rewards. Starting from 25 USD bitcoin card to the 250 USD one. Once you’ve broken the first cube, you do have a choice either to make a withdrawal to your email or to continue on the next mission with the higher reward amount.

If you face any issues with app…. Just send us your issue to our support mail : [email protected]… We will try to solve your issue…

Please, don’t give negative feedback unless we fail to solve your issue…

We trying hard, that everybody should earn REAL MONEY...

If you want to install and use Bitcoin Cube , you should be confident that such activity is lawful in your country. If you download and use Free Bitcoin Cube , it means that you accept our rules and agree that you assume responsibility for any rightful troubles you may face. We are not responsible for similar problems."

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