A spaceship shooting game about destroying everything standing on your path!

Welcome to Blaze Fury !

Jump into your spaceship, equip your most powerful weapons and get ready for the juiciest adventure you've ever lived!

Break the classic Retro Shooters (shoot'em'up) codes! Take control of your airship 's deadly artillery, swipe your screen to target your enemies and make lasers and missiles rain upon them! Engage in every skyfall battles and make the best use of your plane attack system!

Encounter hordes of enemies and bosses through dozens of worlds accross the galaxy!
Break through every challenge with your space squadron, bring freedom upon every planets and test your skill in the ultimate Infinite Zone!

Customize your ship thanks to dozens of upgrades and weapons! Collect new ships, upgrade your sky force, and optimize your weapon combos to face every situations!

60 FPS of pure action, gorgeous low-poly design and explosives visual effects!
Destroy your enemies in colorful air fights!

The game includes online rankings with no registration required! Destroy the enemy galaxy force and get the highest score! Challenge other players from all around the world to get the first place!

Press Review:

PocketGamer.co.uk: "For applying a casual-friendly yet fresh spin on a decidedly hardcore genre [Phoenix -like], BlazeFury has to be considered a success."

Snappzilla.com: "You can tell a lot of love went into the making of this gem. If you’re a fan of shooters or action games [Hawk, Skyforce], BlazeFury needs to be on your device now!".

What's new

Mission duration rework:
- The classic missions were a bit too long, so we devided their duration by 2;
- Consequently, we added 15 more missions with their own objectives;
The Daily mission, Run missions & Infinity mission duration stays the same
- Various game difficulty balance;
- Performance improvements;

Bug fixes:
- Corrected a crash occuring on the opening of chests after a Run mission;
- Corrected a crash occuring when using the Linker gun;
- Other minor bug fixes;
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hamid yusufy avatar

hamid yusufy

2018-10-30 Best game ever I recommend everyone should try this.

Gi Inmediaxchange avatar

Gi Inmediaxchange

2018-08-16 Awesome a different kind of space arcade shooter. A must have game

Charles Chandra avatar

Charles Chandra

2018-07-16 Very Amazing!

preston wilcox avatar

preston wilcox

2018-07-12 Nice concept, addictive, definitely worth looking at.

Luis Ortiz avatar

Luis Ortiz

2018-07-08 Great game to play offline and very addicting. A great time killer to have.

Chris Reynolds avatar

Chris Reynolds

2018-07-03 Love the gameplay!!

Sheliex avatar


2018-06-19 Nice game ! I have some sugetions please put some guns options and some power option to the drones and some skill tree to the main ship and elites.

Rishi Singh avatar

Rishi Singh

2018-06-18 It's a great game But. Why would give us so many gems when I am not playing. I would rather not play the game for a long time and get all the upgrades. That's like motivating the players to NOT play the game. I hope you can do something about it. Still, great game! 👍

Rateb Suliman avatar

Rateb Suliman

2018-06-15 Very nice game I love it

Abdulrahman Edding avatar

Abdulrahman Edding

2018-06-14 The upgrades of the game is very good! Love the game!



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