Would you like to earn rewards while exploring city? Using Bounty, you can!

Until now we've all been the ones having to buy the apps... how about changing the game and getting paid to use your phone instead?! Download Bounty and have fun while earning easy money!

Bounty is a mobile application that enables you to do simple tasks and get paid in return.Tasks are easy and don't take much time at all. Bounty turns tasks into fun activities! Mystery shopping, taking photos and testing new products and apps are examples of tasks you'll find in our app. After completing tasks your account is credited with real money that you can withdraw at any time via your Paypal account.

So where are the tasks? They could be anywhere. A café that you like, a park that you visit, a shopping mall that you always shop, or even in your couch at home! The only thing you need to do is open the Bounty app and complete the task as required in the detailed description. The best part of the application is that you can go around with your friends and earn money at the same time!

For more information, you can visit the page http://www.getbounty.co/en#

What's new

The newest version of Bounty is here!
In this version, we fixed the issues you were facing while resetting your password and improved the image capture and upload experience. Now, you can easily reset your password whenever you want, and take pictures and upload them in a better way!

If you have any thoughts or feedback, please let us know via [email protected]
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Supermom 85 avatar

Supermom 85

2018-11-13 Not alot of tasks to do in order to earn money.

darren au avatar

darren au

2018-10-27 Terrible app. Went to cash out and after waiting weeks, and after contacting them about it, nothing has been done and i still do not have my payout. Also there are never any jobs. Don't waste your time

A Google user avatar

A Google user

2018-10-24 cool pity cool thanks

Samed Ersağdıç avatar

Samed Ersağdıç

2018-10-11 This app is always broken. I forgot my password and i cant take back my account, also i tried to get new account but app doesnt allow me to touch last "done" button. Hated it.

Cemil Sağlam avatar

Cemil Sağlam

2018-09-20 Phone verifying is not working.

Cemil Sağlam avatar

Cemil Sağlam

2018-09-20 uygulamayı indirdim fakat kullanamıyorum telefon numaramı giriyorum verify yapmıyor.

Travis Pendley avatar

Travis Pendley

2018-09-13 Fun and simple app

Antonio Niles avatar

Antonio Niles

2018-09-09 So far so good.

Barbara Lavoie avatar

Barbara Lavoie

2018-09-09 I just signed up week ago. There are absolutely no jobs. I'll give it 1 more week, then uninstall if nothing shows up. Where's the bounty? Lol

Carrisa Randolph avatar

Carrisa Randolph

2018-08-18 When should the USA be expecting the app to launch here?


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