Canberra Pollen Count by the Department of Archaeology & Natural History, ANU.

The Canberra Pollen Count App provides real-world pollen count data during the Canberra grass pollen season (October 1 to December 31) as generated by the Department of Archaeology and Natural History, Australian National University. It also provides a year round 7 days forecast of grass pollen levels in Canberra. In addition, you can also help us help you by telling us how your hay fever symptoms are, which will help us better understand the relationship between the pollen count and how people feel.

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A Google user avatar

A Google user

2018-10-30 Download pending. Sort it out. 1 star since no way to access it. Have uni of Melbourne put a restriction on this app to stop people from downloading it? Seems so

Ben Shihoff avatar

Ben Shihoff

2018-09-30 Should notify users when count is active (between what dates/months) so if users check outside those times it doesn't give them the false impression that the pollen levels are consistently low. Otherwise great idea!

Maliyan Journey avatar

Maliyan Journey

2017-11-26 Reported low count and predictions for whole period, in contrast to BOM and Accuweather reporting high today and high - very high all week!

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A Google user

2017-10-02 Pollen counts not updated since 26 sept (6 days ago)... whats the go???

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A Google user

2016-09-21 Bugs squashed and works as advertised.

Luke Tubnor avatar

Luke Tubnor

2016-01-11 Reading times are erratic and would be more useful if done in the morning. Counting period is very short considering Canberra's long hayfever season.

Jason Doust avatar

Jason Doust

2015-12-06 Very accurate and I'm glad to help the research with my little survey. I agree with Hank below about being able to keep my details.

Sue Robinson avatar

Sue Robinson

2015-11-11 I like this app, what a great service.

Mike Crowe avatar

Mike Crowe

2015-11-06 As a hay fever sufferer this has great potential. Has limited usefulness as a warning tool as the pollen rating can change during the day. Providing feedback on how your symptoms were for the day before the end of the day seems a bit pointless unless it can be related by time period. Also not sure why we need to re-enter our background details every time feedback is given.

Julian Stuart avatar

Julian Stuart

2015-10-28 Works well although I wish that other pollens were tracked as well as grass, ex. wattle, conifers, plane trees which are well-known allergens for many. I often find that my symptoms are more severe than app would indicate which must be due to these other pollens. Will donate if an expansion of tracking is planned.

@University of Melbourne

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