Casho is a rewards platform for winning great prizes. Earn points from auctions, sweepstakes and free raffles. Exchange and redeem...

Casho is a rewards platform for winning great prizes. Earn points from auctions, sweepstakes and free raffles. Exchange and redeem your points for gift cards, free sweepstakes and other prizes.

Auctions are competitive battles where the winner is the last person to bid before the time runs out. The clock will reset if any bids occur in the final seconds. The process continues until a strategic bidder wins.

Auctions require bids (taps and gems) to participate. Free bids can be earned by completing tasks, visiting the app, and winning special auctions. Bids may also be purchased through payment options such as PayPal, Credit Card, Bank Transfer and In-App Purchases. We also accept crypto currencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Ripple (XRP), Monero (XRM), and Darkcoin (DASH).

Auctions and sweepstakes can be for fixed prizes or for progressive jackpots that increase with every entry. Casho is the first auction and sweepstakes platform to offer prizes that increase in value! And when you win you can claim your prize for free!

Auctions may also have multiple winners. In some cases the prizes are split among the last bidders. In other cases secondary winners earn prizes such as free bids, free sweepstakes entries, and free raffle entries.

Auctions will soon have new options to limit the number of bids and limit the number of players. We are also adding battle mode, fast play mode, and automated bidding. Auctions will continually become more exciting and strategic.

Sweepstakes and raffles offer the chance to win prizes by being an active member of Casho. Free entries can be earned by completing tasks, participating in auctions, visiting the app often, and referring friends.

Sweepstakes and raffles can be entered in multiple ways - actively through manual entry and passively through app engagement and monthly subscriptions. Most sweepstakes and raffles can be entered multiple times.

Casho takes fair play seriously and we are continually adding new types of auctions and sweepstakes to allow everyone to have a greater chance of winning.

Tasks allow users to earn points by completing offers such as installing and running mobile apps, answering surveys, watching videos, and filling out market research forms. In many cases tasks can also allow users to earn free bids for auctions and free entries for sweepstakes.

Currently points can be redeemed for gift cards including Amazon gift cards and also gift cards from Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. Points may also be converted into free bids for auctions, free entries for sweepstakes, and free tickets for raffles. Future options for cashout include mobile phone recharge credits, Payoneer, Venmo, PayPal, Transferwise, Xoom, and crypto currency.

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