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    Android 2.0

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Addictive Hours ahead of you!

Checkers is a simple but challenging board game involving strategy and played by two players on a 6x6, 8x8 or 10x10 board game. Thanks to this Android version, you can take this classic version of Checkers with you on the go

One player has dark pieces, and one player has light pieces. They take turns moving their pieces. Players move their pieces diagonally from one square to another square. When a player jumps over their opponent's (the other player's) piece, he takes that piece from the board. By default a potential piece will have to be taken but you can set custom rules and disable this rule.

The player's goal is to take all the pieces of its opponent.

With this version of Checkers (also known as Draughts) , you can play with a friend who sits next to you or play against your phone. We have included various options which will let you create custom rules accross different board games

The artificial intelligence embedded in the game allows a player to play a very easy mode but also much harder and challenging modes.

Will you be able to beat the most difficult level designed ?

Checkers is a Free game which includes a lot of exciting features, including:
* Great Checkers graphics
* Configurable player names and score tracking thanks to Scoreloop
* Ability to choose from a wide variety of Checkers boards
* Supports Checkers International Rules and US Rules
* Outstanding Magma Mobile AI engine
* Play with Friends or against or Magma Mobile Artificial Intelligence Engine
* Undo function
* Option to set up Checkers custom rules
* App2SD. Checkers can be moved to your SD card

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Older version of Checkers APK
Checkers 1.0.19 for Android 2.0 APK file

Version: 1.0.19 for Android Android 2.0

Update on: September 22 19

Signature: 83938a9bf726c2cd8f625be0a6261ef0dc16de66

Size: 8.68 MB (9,105,746 bytes)

Download APK (9 MB)

Checkers 1.0.18 for Android 2.0 APK file

Version: 1.0.18 for Android Android 2.0

Update on: June 13 18

Signature: 83938a9bf726c2cd8f625be0a6261ef0dc16de66

Size: 7.54 MB (7,904,451 bytes)

Download APK (8 MB)

Checkers 1.0.17 for Android 1.5 APK file

Version: 1.0.17 for Android Android 1.5

Update on: April 14 16

Size: 7.29 MB (7,643,290 bytes)

Download APK (7 MB)

Checkers 1.0.16 for Android 1.5 APK file

Version: 1.0.16 for Android Android 1.5

Update on: September 17 15

Signature: 83938a9bf726c2cd8f625be0a6261ef0dc16de66

Size: 6.81 MB (7,142,585 bytes)

Download APK (7 MB)

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User reviews
enlightened scepticUK avatar

enlightened scepticUK

Checkers Really simple. Classic game made super simple and fun. A great way to spend five, ten or sixty minutes. Cool custom rules feature, to play however you want. Best of all NO INVASIVE PERMISSIONS... Great

Kairi Mottus avatar

Kairi Mottus

:D Love it!!It is a reasonable app,unlike the other checker games where u need internet.I just dont really get why u need internet to play checkers.This is why i love it-Its very nice i also like the "Custom Rules" option

Jackson Wolf avatar

Jackson Wolf

Nothing to complain about This is a great game. It's nice to fall back on when I get frustrated with chess. I play this a lot and thoroughly enjoy it.

Vinnicius Santana avatar

Vinnicius Santana

Great!! The app is light, doesn't need too much permissions, it's very customisable.. Very good, indeed! A back/exit button on the screen would be nice, though!

Nigel Stomp avatar

Nigel Stomp

Amazing You can really learn from the game. You can develop your mentality. It's the best game to get.