Find unknown numbers like a detective!See who's calling with Caller ID and block

CIA - Caller ID will help you identify unknown numbers on incoming calls. CIA also helps you block unwanted calls and warns you about spam/scam calls based on numbers reported by millions of users worldwide.

With CIA you can immediately see who an anonymous caller is, whether it is a business or a personal number. Our database identifies contact data for more than 1.5 billion numbers worldwide. Block phone numbers and add them to your own personal blacklist.

• Real-time Caller ID: Always know who’s calling
• Slide, tap, swipe: Slide the Caller ID up or down the screen, tap to minimize or swipe to dismiss during calls
• Smart call actions: Mute or block calls, reject calls with predefined text messages or set a call back reminder
• Call blocker: Block calls from telemarketers and other scam/spam callers
• Spam warning: Get warnings for more than 1 million spam numbers worldwide
• Search numbers: Identify name, address or business information of who’s behind a strange telephone number
• Alternative businesses: If you call a company and the phone number is busy, CIA will suggest similar alternatives
• Backup contacts: Never lose a contact’s phone number again
• Contact shortcuts: Multiple ways to handle contacts on after call screens
• My profile: Manage the information other users see about you
• Integration with multiple data sources e.g. Yelp!, facebook, Tripadvisor, Google Places, White Pages and Yellow Pages across the world to provide faster, more precise results.

What's new

Thank you for using CIA - Caller ID & Call Blocker. We regularly update this app to optimize performance, add new features and integrate improvements based on your suggestions. We hope you continue to enjoy using this app.


Tarek hamada avatar

Tarek hamada

2018-11-26 It is good

Ahmed Al Shukaili avatar

Ahmed Al Shukaili

2018-11-22 very good apps for caller id

Neil Winterbottom avatar

Neil Winterbottom

2018-11-22 Full of problems, far too many permissions required.. too many dislikes to enumerate... Fail😜

Jayasri Sravya Gadiparti avatar

Jayasri Sravya Gadiparti

2018-11-18 Yes its working. Very good use full app

khris yuslum avatar

khris yuslum

2018-11-14 Love that it tells me whose calling and has a block feature!!



2018-11-05 Needs access to: In app purchases, Contacts, Location, SMS, Call logs, Phone, Photos/Media/Files, Wi-Fi Connection, Informaton, Device ID, Call information

Frieda du Toit avatar

Frieda du Toit

2018-11-02 Keep unwanted calls at bay. My life is less frustrating! Thanks a million

A Google user avatar

A Google user

2018-10-26 I have booked 143 numbers

Miles Andrey avatar

Miles Andrey

2018-10-22 Doesn't work as advertised. It only tells you what you already know from your phone call logs. 'Unknown Caller'. It does have a link to Google the number (as if you weren't already doing that). Waste of time. Edit: since uninstalling i've received even more unwanted calls from suspicious numbers. I'd suspect this app company distributes your personal info.

Tina Anderson avatar

Tina Anderson

2018-10-19 I appreciate the scam determation feature. Overall the best program I have used for screening my calls


@Caller ID App Dev Ciamedia

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