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Almost all of us at some or the other point in our lives have heard this – “College life is the best life”. While the quote may be anonymous, the irony isn’t. College life is as ruthless and tiring as a battle being fought sans armour. Be it the batch’s topper or that student with a whirl of backlogs, name us one student who has not experienced the pain of pinching it up at the last moment. That hustle for procuring notes just in time before tests, that never-ending search for the right PDFs, taking a shot to get hold of the most trustworthy senior in a hope to catch a glimpse of previous year question papers, getting xerox of the study material for a single subject from so many sources that you end up befriending the xerox shopkeeper – are we short on anything to still sugarcoat this experience. How badly we have wished for a portal that could provide us with all the reliable and authentic study material.
Well, nothing is broken beyond repair and there are enough orifices for light to enter. All you troubled souls, you victims of this loop cheer up a little as RSTech Softwares presents to you a brand new app – COLLEGIATE to the rescue. Aimed and crafted especially for college students, COLLEGIATE mobile application is the answer to all your prayers, the ultimate remedy to all your misery. COLLEGIATE is basically a collection of study material viz. subject and topic wise notes, books as prescribed in the syllabus and suggested by professors for reference, projects and assignments to take cue from and previous year questions. This latest invention by RSTech Softwares is currently providing study material for various professional courses such as Btech ( Branches CSE and ECE), Bachelors in computer applications and Masters in computer applications. So now if you miss any lecture or you can’t find enough material for that assignment have no worries as COLLEGIATE app will cover you in all such instances of need. Not only will This app from RSTech Softwares act as backbone through out your study program but will also help you understand concepts in depth and hence score better. So what are you waiting for – low grades in one more test or one more failed submission ? Download the easy to use, extremely user friendly and every college student’s number one stop for all needs – COLLEGIATE app and invest your precious time in studying the notes not in gathering them. It’s a must to have this life saving app from RSTech Softwares in your phone
Now it’s not something to be told to do but don’t we all agree that credits and appreciation shall be given wherever they are due ? So make sure you don’t wait for any reminders to rate the COLLEGIATE app on Play store and let us know in the comment section how COLLEGIATE from RS TechSoftwares brought you ease and comfort while studying.
Cheers to all !!
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Version: 1.1 for Android Android 5.0

Update on: November 25 18

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Collegiate 1.0 for Android 5.0 APK file

Version: 1.0 for Android Android 5.0

Update on: October 04 18

Signature: 72c8fdd5d54355efa0492ddc26b1217a7e39ca45

Size: 2.92 MB (3,065,128 bytes)

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