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This is ad free (no ads) version of my compass:

Compass is one of the most if not the most essential app every Android should have installed. Compass is the most precise compass app on Google Play. Compass app is compass in your pocket. Use it on camping trips, to navigate in unknown territory or when you get lost. You never know when it might come handy. It might even save your life one day!

Compass is easy to use; just use it like a real compass. Compass app is more than just showing degrees and north, south, east and west. I have designed Compass with user experience in mind, large numbers and easy to read design. Compass also allows you to set your directions by rotating the bezel for easier and professional navigation.

How to use?
First we’ll need to cover a little bit of compass jargon first. The part of Compass that moves and always points north is called the card (with N,S,E, and W indicated, and a beveled edge with a series of numbers on it). There is a movable ring around the edge of the compass, called the bezel. A red double line across the top of the compass is called the lubber line, and finally, there is a little window above the compass which is often named as side-window (as it is on the side of a real compass).
Side-window navigation couldn’t be simpler. You point the lubber line on top of your compass at where you want to go. Now as long as you hold your compass flat in front of you with the lubber line pointing in the direction you’re going, you should always see the same number in your window as long as you’re going the right way. If you see a different number, turn until you see the same number.
The downside of the side window method is that you need to remember your number.
Navigating with bezel works essentially the same as using the side window, but your bezel remembers your number for you. All you do is, point the lubber line on top of your compass at where you want to go, and then wait until the card settles down and stops moving. Then turn your bezel until the double triangle on the edge of the bezel (the notch right by the number zero on the bezel) is bracketing the north arrow on the card. Now as long as you hold your compass flat in front of you with the lubber line pointing in the direction you’re going, you should always see the north arrow inside the notch, as long as you’re going the right way. If not, turn until you see the north arrow inside the notch.
Notice that if you’ve adjusted the bezel correctly, the number in the side window is also the number directly across from you at the front end of the lubber line. In other words, if you turned the bezel counterclockwise until the notch bracketed the north arrow, the 120 on the bezel would be at the far end of the lubber line. Notice that on the card, the number showing in the side window is 120. If you were holding this compass and going in the direction of the lubber line, you’d be on a heading of 120.
Now you should have learned how to go to desired direction. But how do you get back? Easy! If you’re thinking in terms of the bezel, simply turn until the north arrow faces not to the notch, but to the single triangle that’s exactly across from the notch. Now you’re pointed back where you came.
The really tricky part of using your compass isn’t learning what the numbers mean and how to adjust the bezel. The most common mistakes are not holding your compass flat, and not actually going in the direction your lubber line is pointing.
Large iron and steel objects can influence the magnetic sensor in your Android device, causing it to point in the wrong direction. This is called deviation. If you suspect this is happening, simply move away from the object several feet and the problem should correct itself.
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User reviews

What makes a good app isn't a bunch of complicated extra stuff. A good app is one that does what it's supposed to do. This one does. I checked it against a real life orienteering compass and a USGS topographical map. Needle on app lines up perfectly with magnetic North, as it should (16 1/2 degrees declination to the right, due to the fact that our planet is not on perfect axis with the North star (Polaris) by exactly 16 1/2 degrees. What the needle of a compass points to is a large iron deposit in the crust of the North pole which shifts a little bit every year so it changes which means it doesn't stay at 16 1/2 degrees. But for practical purposes you can assume that magnetic North is more or less 16 1/2 degrees to the right of true North...I'm not making this up. Look it up. Anyways, what I'm saying is this compass lines up with magnetic North as it should.

Bari Krisinger avatar

Bari Krisinger

Smooth and professional. Checked it against the pole star and it seems quite accurate. No-brainer for $2.

Rodger Bird avatar

Rodger Bird

A useful, good looking, simple, easy to use Compass app. Worth buying the Pro version to remove the ads.

Cane Brake avatar

Cane Brake

As a BSA leader for over 12 years, I wish I had this 20 years ago!

Brandon VanDorn avatar

Brandon VanDorn

Great! Like the real thing.