Contractions app is a simple way to recognize true labor and false contractions

Benefits of using Contractions app:
1. It gives you an idea how far along in labor you are;
2. You can determine a pattern early on;
3. Your own counting can help your doctor in the assessment of your labor.

The contraction tracker app helps you:
- to save all your pregnancy contractions history;
- to check your contractions timing;
- to distinguish between Braxton Hicks contractions (practice contractions or false contractions) and labor contractions (real contractions).

Contraction Timer is a free app.
Powered by Amila.



Brian Lathrope avatar

Brian Lathrope

2017-09-06 Worked great. Only needed it for a few hours today but it was really helpful!

Guillermo Flores avatar

Guillermo Flores

2017-09-05 Very useful!!

Clare Woodhall avatar

Clare Woodhall

2017-08-26 Simple to use and easy to collect data

Marysia Golab avatar

Marysia Golab

2017-08-24 Works

Jacob Christian avatar

Jacob Christian

2017-09-06 Really easy to use; the graphing function is fantastic. I also love that it keeps running behind the scenes while you do other things.

A Google user avatar

A Google user

2017-09-02 Simple, exactly what you need without extras

Morning LovelyDay avatar

Morning LovelyDay

2017-08-28 Nice and simple. No unnecessary bells and whistles. Start contraction, push the button. Stop contraction, push the button.

Ral Bojkova avatar

Ral Bojkova

2017-08-16 Excellent app

A Google user avatar

A Google user

2017-08-14 works great. would recommend

Jesus Zambrano avatar

Jesus Zambrano

2017-08-13 Easy and straight!



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