You never miss important day again, because you have a Days left widget.

Days Left - countdown timer widget for your home screen.
To add it press long your homescreen (or press "Apps", or menu - "Add apps and widgets" ) - than press - than press .

Did you ever forget an date?
Days left widget will help you countdown.
Did you ever forget your girlfriends birthday?
You never miss this day again, because you have a Days left widget.
Counting down to a celebration, your wedding, a birth in your family, new year, christmas - Days left widget can it.

- added widgets for size 2x1 to support more information on countdown widget.

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ThiShiLyn Burke avatar

ThiShiLyn Burke

2015-08-31 Love it so far

Jessey Liau avatar

Jessey Liau

2015-06-11 Good apps!

prem chand avatar

prem chand

2015-06-08 Good app

Aung Aung Tun avatar

Aung Aung Tun

2015-05-29 Excellent

Onda della Fortuna avatar

Onda della Fortuna

2015-05-27 I like it thanks!

Grace Humphries avatar

Grace Humphries

2015-05-17 Works perfect! :-D

Laura Skjenna avatar

Laura Skjenna

2015-05-16 I've used this for a few countdowns/days sinced - I love it. Tidy widget looks nice on the screen too.

lauralee donnelly avatar

lauralee donnelly

2015-05-10 I love it

Ladybug Kelcie avatar

Ladybug Kelcie

2015-05-09 When i used it i used two just in case and they were both different! I was really confused. I had to ask someone what was the correct one. But it is simple and easy to do just dont get confused.

rogaih oo avatar

rogaih oo

2015-05-07 I love this app


@Evgeny Karavashkin

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