Real-time emergency rooms wait times for hospitals in Canada.

Doctr™ gives you access to the wait times and occupancy rates of emergency rooms in Canada in REAL TIME.

With Doctr Premium, you will get access to the evolution and forecasts of wait times and occupancy rate in Canadian hospitals. A useful feature for smart patients and hospital and clinic staff!

Doctr will display the closest hospitals and walk-in clinics near you making it easier to book appointments with a Doctor or a Nurse.

Based on your location, Doctr will provide you with a list of walk-in clinics and emergency care centers you can go for minor emergencies as an alternative to the emergency room.

Doctr is available everywhere in the province of Quebec and is currently in beta testing in British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba and Prince Edward Island. See more details below.

Doctr’s mission is to facilitate access to health services in Canada.

Current real-time coverage:

- Quebec
Doctr, in partnership with the Quebec Government, covers over 100 hospitals, CLSC, and clinics in Montreal, Quebec City, Laval, Brossard, Gatineau, Levis, Saguenay and other cities. It includes popular hospitals such as CHU Sainte-Justine, Montreal General Hospital and the CHUM.

- British Columbia:
Doctr is beta testing real-time coverage with hospitals in Vancouver including Mount Saint Joseph Hospital, St. Paul’s Hospital, Vancouver General Hospital and more.

- Alberta:
Doctr is beta testing real-time coverage with hospitals in Calgary, Edmonton, Lethbridge, Medecine Hat and Red Deer.

- Manitoba:
Doctr is beta testing real-time coverage with hospitals in Winnipeg, including Concordia, Grace and the HSC.

- Prince Edward Island:
Doctr is beta testing real-time coverage with the following hospitals: Queen Elizabeth Hospital (Charlottetown), Prince County Hospital (Summerside), Western Hospital (Alberton) and Kings County Memorial Hospital.

- Wait times in other provinces
Doctr is actively seeking partnerships with hospitals in Ontario, Saskatchewan, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador. Please get in touch with us through our website or social media if you want to help.

Doctr also acts as a medical directory where you can find information about more than 3000 clinics and book appointments for services such as: radiology, blood sampling, walk-in clinic, sexual health, Dentists, Physical Therapy and more.

Who is Doctr for?
Doctors, Nurses, Health Professionals, Hospital staff, Dentists, parents, new immigrants, medical students (McGill University, University of Montreal, Laval University, etc), patients with a chronic medical condition (Diabetes, Heart problems, etc) and anyone who wants to save time when they go to the emergency room, the emergency care center or the walk-in clinic.

How you can help?
Doctr is always looking to integrate more live data from hospitals and clinics into the platform. If you can help in this process, please get in touch.


By clicking on “INSTALL”, you agree to the installation of Doctr™ as well as any update or upgrade on your phone.

Downloading this application implies acceptance of our "Terms and conditions of use" that can be found on

What's new

Added care coordinator service


Steve Paiement avatar

Steve Paiement

2015-07-07 Great concept but nothing for my region??? Outaouais (Gatineau). None of the hospitals have no data and no updates? Outaouais not covered by this app?

Sarah Williamson avatar

Sarah Williamson

2015-07-07 I'm so impressed already, as an anglophone still learning French in Quebec City, this is going to be a great tool for navigating the health care system here!! Thank you!! :)

Guillaume Gadbois Gervais avatar

Guillaume Gadbois Gervais

2015-07-06 Je vis félicite et merci pour une version Android!!! D'habitude au Québec... J'aimerais juste que le menu se comporte comme une vrai application Android. Si vous pouvez amélioré ça va serais parfait.

Calvin C. avatar

Calvin C.

2015-04-24 Impressionnant et Tres utile.

Frederic B. avatar

Frederic B.

2018-11-26 Great app, needed to be seen urgently for an x-ray and it helped me find a clinic that was accepting walk ins. Only problem is that it asks to register, but then doesn't work

Julia Prudhomme avatar

Julia Prudhomme

2018-11-24 This is a good app

Julie brassard avatar

Julie brassard

2018-11-05 If only the app that I pay a subscription for worked,I could give it a better review!! Because of a "high volume of members", I can't even go farther then the log in page! It not just during peek times/hours of the day either. It's all day ,any day. Get it together, or give me back my money.

Ralph R avatar

Ralph R

2018-09-13 For Quebec the hospital names are long. This app Scrolls the name off the screen when they're long. You need to provide a way to read the entire name of the hospital, else we don't know what we're looking at.

Jean-Philippe FONG avatar

Jean-Philippe FONG

2018-08-21 Useless

Dan Popescu avatar

Dan Popescu

2018-06-29 This app that I rated it 5* it's going down to 2* only. Not accurate, not real-time anymore, lots of ads... A few days before I'll uninstall it. Feedback needed from the developer please!



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