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Drive Time is a fully featured 3D driving game that plays directly on your android wear smart watch. Smash though road blocks, Jump ramps, and over take your opponents while you race to the finish line. Unlock more tracks by gaining points from collecting track diamonds, getting air time over jumps or completing races.

Drive Time can be controlled with either touch or tilt controls. You can further accelerate up or break by collecting the red and green track tokens. Drive Time has been designed with low memory usage so the game can be paused and resumed quickly while checking your smart watch home screen without effecting your race. Even if you only have a few seconds to spare you can race a little here or race a little there.


✔ True android wear 3D racing game

✔ Physics based drivable vehicle

✔ Destroyable objects

✔ Tilt and button control options

✔ Multiple stages

✔ Vibration Support

✔ Normal and reflection mapping

✔ Round and square smart watch formats supported (including Moto 360)

✔ Quick swipe to pause and return to home screen

✔ No timers, No IAP

✔ All android wear smart watches supported

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