Fireliner: Wild Space Battle, Fight for your place in space in a NEW arcade!

Join an endless space battle in a blasting new arcade game!
Fireliner: wild space battle, fight for your place in space.
In space nobody is your friend, so watch out for enemy starships!

Own the strongest starship and the best weapons to defeat your enemies in a blasting battle to become the ruler of space!

✔ A wild space battle atmosphere!
✔ Lots of state of the art starships!!
✔ Hundreds of stages to defeat!
✔ Party Mode - play with friends on your Android TV!

Endless upgrading options- Each starship has different abilities and possibilities:

✔ Different Speed rates
✔ Varying durability and shields
✔ Multiple weapon possibilities

Choosing a weapon?
-Do you prefer a long battle with a small weapon, or one fast blast?
-Do you prefer to defeat your enemies with multiple high paced shots, or one giant blast?

You decide which weapon you use!
Use various weapons and blasting methods to defeat your enemies and blast the hell out of them!
Choose well, and your battle in space will be faster and wilder!

Want upgrades?
Make sure you're not missing any crystals!
Get crystals from defeating enemy starships to help you upgrade your starships and weapons.
Collect crystals for a wilder space battle!

Want some more?
Don’t miss power ups to:
Gain Speed Boosts
Protect your starship with shields and barriers
Increase your weapon's’ fire rate and damage!

Beware of power ups that make your starship slower!
Space is your battlefield, make it a blast!

Playing on an Android TV?
Connect up to 4 controllers and play against your friends in an all out battle royale - in space!

Cause in space everything's about the battle, and the battle should be as wild as it can!

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We are dedicated to making Fireliner: Wild Space Battle the best Arcade on mobile! New content will be added regularly.


PLEASE NOTE! Fireliner: Wild Space Battle is free to download and play, however some game items can also be purchased for real money. If you do not want to use this option, please set up password protection for purchases in the settings of your Google Play Store app. Moreover, under our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, you must be at least 13 years of age to play or download Fireliner: Wild Space Battle.

Dear space fighter, are you having problems? Feel free to contact us at [email protected], we'll be glad to help!

Terms of Service:
Privacy Policy:

What's new

Removed permissions - we're here to play :)
Updated prices!


Tony O'Maibh avatar

Tony O'Maibh

2018-03-03 I had 5350 crystals. Trying to buy shotgun for 5000. Says that I don't have enough and need to buy some. Bugged. the ship wraps around the 1 screen combat area and moves so fast, it's nearly impossible to aim or even keep track of where you are. Not worth a download.

James Weaver avatar

James Weaver

2017-09-19 This is obviously an infomation stealing app, it needs way more permissions than it should, and you must be 13 years of age to download. (Check desc. Hidden mention of the Terms and conditions.) Reasons being, it's illegal to track information of those under 13 and sell it. Look up the Equifax hack. This uses similar info. I would not trust app or developer anywhere near my tech.

Fabricio PH avatar

Fabricio PH

2016-05-14 Crashes every time I open it. I suspect it's because o didn't give it contacts access permissions, which brings me to my second complain: why would a game required compulsory access to contacts? This is a violation of users privacy.

דורון נקש avatar

דורון נקש

2016-01-05 Love the new features. Thank you developers!

Joseph McDaniel avatar

Joseph McDaniel

2015-09-10 Almost immediately after starting the game, it shuts down. I wouldn't suggest wasting your time with this.

Brian Keener avatar

Brian Keener

2015-09-08 Update resolved my problem with menu items or start game on Nexus Player. Fun game.

Thomas Lowe avatar

Thomas Lowe

2015-09-07 Won't even load. Galaxy Note 4. Your Android tv fix didn't do anything. Still fails after spartonix screen

Ahmad Al Hudban avatar

Ahmad Al Hudban

2017-11-05 For unnecessary permissions, I rated 1 star.

eight pieces avatar

eight pieces

2017-01-07 But why do you need access to my camera, media and microphone? Fix this and get the rating it deserves.

Ushui Kazuyoshi avatar

Ushui Kazuyoshi

2016-06-17 Amazing game



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