Facebook Lite + Messenger in a fast and simple app

Folio is the fastest Facebook wrapper out there. Built around the lite Facebook mobile site, Folio will restore space on your device, while saving your battery and data plan.

Everything you expect from a great FB Alternative

- Save Battery, Save space on your device
- Messenger & Facebook in one app
- Video & Photo download
- Order your feed by Most Recent
- Folio Lock to secure you account with a 4-digit pin
- Night mode
- Beautiful themes
- and a lot of carefully designed small features that will delight you!

You will find many copy cats based on older version of our open source version (Simple, Swipe, Metal, Fast).

Folio is lightning fast, and full featured. Try the original and see the difference!

Folio is an alternative app and is no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook.



Juan Manuel Castro avatar

Juan Manuel Castro

2016-01-09 On Messages, the plus button emerge above the send button. But in general the app is great.

Darrin Marshall avatar

Darrin Marshall

2015-12-04 The best for Facebook-ing

Kevin Bruns avatar

Kevin Bruns

2015-12-04 Developer has obviously put in a lot of hard work. Great app :-)

Mark Day avatar

Mark Day

2015-12-04 Folio is the best alternative to the official Facebook app you'll ever find! None better!

Michael B. avatar

Michael B.

2016-01-11 ...and am unable to get it back since settings for folio seem to be set through the toolbar. Any suggestions? Response: I'm sorry, but that doesn't help. I cannot access the settings because the toolbar is gone.

Lorenzo Bonifacino avatar

Lorenzo Bonifacino

2016-01-11 Good sostitute to Facebook, but I prefer an other client. It takes too many steps to log in and I can't find a reason why this is better than other clients that give me more features with the same amount of memory needed. And I don't like how the Creative Labs answer to the comments.

Ajay Huple avatar

Ajay Huple

2016-01-11 The FAB is back- this is the best Facebook app once again! Kudos to the dev for responding to reviews promptly 👍

Shawn Elliott avatar

Shawn Elliott

2016-01-11 Great alternative to the laggy mess that is the native Facebook app

Remy Williams avatar

Remy Williams

2016-01-11 Why get rid of a useful feature because some people don't understand it? Just don't turn it on my default. Bring the FAB back. And after reading how he's responding to other people using the app I can see he's a total jerk. I cant recommend this app to anyone if this what we get. He's feeling himself too much now.

Luis Mejía avatar

Luis Mejía

2016-01-10 Buena idea, buena app. Felicidades a los desarrolladores pero, aún le faltan unos cuantos ajustes como en las notificaciones y unos pequeños bugs en la sección de noticias, de ahí en fuera muy bien.


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