Freaky Architect is a physics-based tower building game.

Freaky Architect is a physics-based tower building game. It is a simple yet highly addictive game in which you’ll build structures by placing block after block. Show off your innate architectural talent and build the highest or biggest structure possible, with a unique design that only you can imagine. But hey, beware the gravity, your stunning tower may easily fall with just one misplaced block!

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Andrej Andrej avatar

Andrej Andrej

2017-05-29 The game is really bad

Glenn McNaughton avatar

Glenn McNaughton

2017-04-02 This is a perfect game. No b.s. Perfect physics. Nice job!

Jason Gibbs avatar

Jason Gibbs

2017-03-31 Boring, no point to game and bombarded with constant long ads they call short.

And E avatar

And E

2017-03-12 I expected one of those crane games, but this is something unique. The physics are questionable, and there isn't much replay value.

mahek goyal avatar

mahek goyal

2017-02-18 It is very amazing.😀😀😀😀😀

Кирилл Евдокимов avatar

Кирилл Евдокимов

2017-02-03 Идея достаточно свежа и необычна, но оформление и управление подводят.

Татьяна Рафикова avatar

Татьяна Рафикова

2016-07-30 Можно построить что угодно)

Wayne Reynolds avatar

Wayne Reynolds

2017-03-09 Varley got to play and got bombed with ads.

Dirtydog avatar


2017-02-24 Addiction

J K avatar


2017-03-02 nice idea, but absolutely pointless.

@Gears of Fun Studio

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