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    Android 4.0

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Geometry Dash Meltdown description:

Prepare for a new Geometry Dash adventure filled with more spikes and monsters than thought possible!

Flex your clicky finger as you jump, fly and flip your way through dark caverns and spiky obstacles.

Game Features
• Rhythm-based Action Platforming!
• Three unique levels with music from F-777!
• Unlock unique Meltdown icons and colors to customize your character!
• Fly rockets, flip gravity and much more!
• Use practice mode to sharpen your skills!
• Challenge yourself with the near impossible!

Geometry Dash answers the age old question: "What do you get when you mix techno, dubstep, spikes and a rainbow?" Download and find out...

Approved by RubRub ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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Geometry Dash Meltdown 1.01 for Android 4.0 APK file

Version: 1.01 for Android Android 4.0

Update on: December 22 17

Signature: 40d430442601c320bf7b22801b01a3d86d01bb93

Size: 47.62 MB (49,928,519 bytes)

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Geometry Dash Meltdown 1.00 for Android 2.3.3 APK file

Version: 1.00 for Android Android 2.3.3

Update on: December 19 15

Size: 37.14 MB (38,939,995 bytes)

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User reviews
Lukas Zanevskis avatar

Lukas Zanevskis

Easy, but design is not perfect as it suppose to be. Passed whole game in 102 attempts. I know right? All coins. Fun. Like a mini-game for decent GD players.Also ,poeple the new app is created to let other players see how REAL geometry dash works.Lite shows triangles and cubes thats it. They wont make full version for free. Its business so get your money and pay for it. >:]

Terratorial Slime Time avatar

Terratorial Slime Time

To all of the haters on this new game from RobTop, stop complaining about how there is no full version, The game was made December 19th, 2015 if you look at the freaking date it was last updated, and if you look at the trailer video to this game it tells you that the game was released on Dec. 19th. There is no full version to this game yet, and there probably wont be a full version any time soon, it takes a lot of work to make these awesome levels, and find a right dubstep to match, keep your words about a full version to this game to yourself, if you don't want to play this game because there is no full version, then don't. You don't have to complain that there isn't a full version when that is plain and clear, the game isn't even half a year old. Keep up the good work RobTop, really liking the levels that you have on this game, and the other, my favorite being The Viking Arena :D.

Jedidiah Pakula avatar

Jedidiah Pakula

Effin awesome sauce Yo right off the bat, this is what mobile games should be: simple controls and awesome game play. This game delivers for either lefty or righty players with a super colorful and reactive world and game play that moves to the beat. You'll be missing out if you play this with the sound down, because everything from the flipping of your avatar to the environment is all reactive to the music. 11/10 easy to pick up, impossible to to put down.

Ethan Willard avatar

Ethan Willard

Its pretty cool Its geometry dash which is amazing and I love the level layout and game play, but my problem is, in the full version of the original, I'm very far and have a lot of the characters unlocked and have level editor and stuff, but in this version, I don't have any of my characters or colors, or level editor or the guard/vault thing. I tried logging in to my account and loading all of my stuff and it didn't work. Fix this and it will be a for sure 5 stars

Ash Pradhan avatar

Ash Pradhan

Very Excellent Synths, colors, animations, graphics, dubstep, community, characters , challenging ALL PERFECT! the one thing I don't like is the Advertisements. Please don't give us users too many ads. I know it helps your game, but please, lower it. But besides that, Outstanding work. I also recommend people warning people if their eyes are not fit for this game when they first install and play the game. Other than that, Amazing work and good luck on your game in the future I really love and try to get those levels developed fast. I need to play more. Played Geometry Dash LITE since it just had 100k users <3 My baby brother plays it also. Good luck on your game and I hope it's successful. <3 God bless you all. -Ash.