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Discover amazing things created by passionate people.

• Explore your interests
• Join Communities of people around any topic
• Group things you love into Collections
• Build a home stream filled with amazing content

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User reviews
Emo Peach princess avatar

Emo Peach princess

The gifs arent moving like they used to at the latest update. I prefer the older ver. Still I made a new account and created a collection there but when i checked my profile it wasnt there and yet it exists when i looked at the collection section like wth? Plus i tagged my friends but they all told me they didnt get any notifs. Plus refreshing page is taking ages than it used to be. I tried commenting at my post but it said i couldnt. Pls fix it properly

Rule over Reign avatar

Rule over Reign

I used to love google+ I've been a large fan sense I was about 11-12 now the only reason why I voted two stars was because of the new update. It's so so so sooo slow I'll change my review when they go back to the old update with WiFi it takes 2 minutes for a page to load.

Kris Sadha avatar

Kris Sadha

The last 2 updates are not up to expectation.. and they spoiled everything... Unable to share media directly to other social media like whatsapp or facebook.. community refresh rate is below average. Totally spoiling our mood... if possible please revert last 2 updates thank you

River Ocean avatar

River Ocean

Experienced technical such as; 1. App suddenly shuts down by itself. 2. The loading of pages sometimes took quite a long time 3. The App also reacts very slowing when uploading photos and videos. Uploading three photos and a video will take approximately 25 secs. It's long compared to other similar App.

david hurd avatar

david hurd

Updates are horrid, and poorly bug tested if they even are. On the PC version last year people told Google that they did not want a new version of the site and preferred the old one, as the new one is slower and less appealing to look at; Google did not listen even though they knew they'd lose a lot of users. On the new mobile version of this it is extremely slow to load anything, moreso than previously (which was still horrendous). The only reason I even ever use it is because I met a few good people on it and it has good memes.