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Get amazingly perfect green screen with Green Screener.

For good chroma keying, green/blue screens must be extremely even, or fine edge detail like hair and transparency starts to become blotchy, which is the hallmark of bad green screen.

Invented by Per Holmes, creator of the Hollywood Camera Work training, Green Screener is a new kind of tool for lighting a green screen that breaks your green screen up into bands, so you can easily see how to light it.

Whether you're working on a $100M blockbuster or shooting green screen in your basement, Green Screener will raise the quality of your green screen to a new standard.

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Jim Faughn avatar

Jim Faughn

I am new to green screen. I spent 3 hours this morning moving lights and me to get it so my video merge looked absolutely correct but I still had very small problems that could be seen. I had to take a break. Watched some more YouTube videos and I found this app and installed it tonight. Within 15 minutes with 3 test videos I had it nailed. All I can say is why do it any other way???? This worked perfectly!

Clint Hall avatar

Clint Hall

Best $10 I've spent. This is a must if your shooting green screen. I was getting to the point of wanting to avoid shooting green screen because it was a pain. It would look good in camera but then post would be a nightmare. I just finished a shoot using this app and i was able to do a key in one click. Now Iam excited to do more green screen in the future. So buy it now

Frederick Van Wyk avatar

Frederick Van Wyk

Lost all my data Can't believe this. After opening the app, pressing START, my phone froze. So no soft reset. No hard reset. Nothing is possible. I had to do a factory reset. Just to make sure that this app was the cause, I installed it again, and all the same happened. I have a Sony experia. I want a full refund please. Update. Got an email from the author(s). Just to clarify, the app is not the issue. I am quoting: the notion that the app is somehow the cause of your phone freezing is completely absurd...

J Steven Perry avatar

J Steven Perry

Great for chroma key work. I use this app to make sure my green screen is perfectly lit, because once you shoot and load your video into the editor, it's difficult (or impossible) to correct a poorly lit screen. With this app I know before I shoot how to adjust my lights for the perfect green screen. The color bands go a little haywire on my Samsung S7 (worked perfectly on my S6). Other than that it's an indispensable tool for shooting my YouTube videos.

Richard Axelsson avatar

Richard Axelsson

Great! But please add option "do not put screen to sleep". Anoying to have to wake up all the time.