Play as your favorite superhero role, and win others in the Tycoon mode.

Hero Tycoon is a game that players play the superhero role to compete for resources. Players can choose the hero he likes at the beginning, get the territory and collect the resources to build the hero's exclusive house step by step.
Here are the rules for this game:
- After the player build a dedicated equipment cabinet, he can get the exclusive skills and equipment of the superhero he played, which will give a big advantage when compete for resources in the wild.
- The player who completed all the buildings first is the ultimate winner for this competition. Different heroes have different skills and equipment.

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What's new

What's new in 1.3.2
1.Christmas Gift
2.Add Bcubes in games
3.Friends notification
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A Google user

2018-11-08 Coolcool



2018-11-07 This is the Best Tycoon Game EVER and When I tried to Play the game It showed a Update Thing And it Didn't show a Update Thing in at Google Play App.

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A Google user

2018-11-10 Ok I rated 4 stars for a knew update can you do a hero vs villian Tycoon (Then Ill rate 5)

rabeea suhail avatar

rabeea suhail

2018-11-09 Good cool

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A Google user

2018-11-09 Very good

Citlali Moron avatar

Citlali Moron

2018-11-08 I like it it's pretty fun

the epic gamer tv avatar

the epic gamer tv

2018-11-07 Da best

Hector Boongaling avatar

Hector Boongaling

2018-11-08 I love your games please make some more

Paulo SARMIENTO avatar


2018-11-08 Ive been playing three kinds of games like this i had fun so much

Lisa Copsey avatar

Lisa Copsey

2018-11-07 It's refer fun


@Sandbox Fun

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