Horos is an astral chart and astrology app

Discover your astral chart and compare it to your friends'. Horos allows you to visualize your astral map completely, with the description of each astro and sign of the moment of your birth.

See your daily horoscope with information on: Personal Life, Emotions, Health, Profession, Family, Travel and Luck.

Check your compatibility with your friends and see all their astral information.

What's new

Version 3.0.0

In this version we've released a new product: Star Chart.
Star Chart is a personalized poster that shows the position of the main stars and constellations in the sky according to a date and location - your birth date, a important date of a relationship or any special date for you.

Also, in this version retrograde planets will appear with a small 'R' superscript next to the planet's title.


A Google user avatar

A Google user

2018-11-26 All the information is wrong

Caitlin Petersen avatar

Caitlin Petersen

2018-11-26 I love how it gives you information about your rising sign and moon sign

Lady Rainicorn avatar

Lady Rainicorn

2018-11-23 cant even find Brooklyn, new york as a birthplace? lol. uninstalled immediately

Aaron Armstrong avatar

Aaron Armstrong

2018-11-10 Needs more information regarding aspects. Information is very limited and paying for the house interpetations are not worth anything honestly. Once a full and proper interpretation of all aspects and placements are added to the app then you can charge people. Update 11/10/2018: latest update broke rising sign. I am a libra rising born on august 6th, 1998 in Birmingham, AL

Morgann Hansen avatar

Morgann Hansen

2018-10-31 Pros: easy to read andunderstand. Nice graphics. Con: all my info was wrong. I have always been a Leo sun sign. it says I'm a cancer. I have never had anyone interpret my birthday as anything but leo. I'm pretty squarely in leo so... dont even bother. This app is way off.

Alysia Bulluck avatar

Alysia Bulluck

2018-10-31 Awful.

Tabby Beniquez avatar

Tabby Beniquez

2018-10-22 It's highly innacurate. I also paid for premium but am still getting ads. I'd like a refund because it's completely incorrect information.

Rafael Ferreira avatar

Rafael Ferreira

2018-10-15 This is a good app, however it is plagued by incessant pop-up ads, which can lead to a frustrating and irritating experience.

rabbit white avatar

rabbit white

2018-10-03 not so bad, but purchase? 😩 tons of free online info,u think I day 1 in astrology is it? and @ Anthony, get it online? is this vedic astrology?

ryven. de avatar

ryven. de

2018-09-26 the chart in itself is correct, though the rest of it is just... incorrect. inconsiderate of intercepted signs. they show on the chart, but not in the houses menu.


@Vinicius B Vieira

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