Rescue the horse Breed of the world and transport horse to safe place

Horse Transport Truck Sim 19 -Rescue Thoroughbred

Experience the most epic animal transporting game with Wild Horse Transport Truck Simulator Game 19. Heavy vehicles driver, transport horse to the city zoo. Load Arabian horses on your transporter truck. These are untamed stallion so drive the cargo truck carefully. Deliver Thoroughbred horses at stable where the jockey train horse stunts. Fasten your seat belt for a crazy ride through traffic cars and buses. Drive cleanly for transportation horses safely in this adventure driving simulator.

Rescue the horse breed of the world and transport the horse to the world safe zoo. Transport Arabian Horse , Quarter Horse, Thoroughbred, Tennessee Walker, Appaloosa, Morgan , Paint, miniature , warm blood , pony , Andalusian etc.

This extreme virtual horse carriage transporter game is packed full of offroad thrilling and city dynamic levels. It is time to become the pro and real horse rider in carriage horse transport simulator. In the horse carriage transportation, we have multiple horse carriage carts.

Enjoy driving cargo transporter to deliver stallions to their destination. Avoid driving fast and hitting traffic cars as it will scare horses and they might get wild. Be vigilant while driving so no stallion can jump out of the loader truck. Transport zoo animal at the stable; complete your transportation mission and become best transporter driver. Dare yourself to become a driver of this huge animals transporter.

Off road Animal horse Transporter 4x4 is a new concept of animal transportation. You may have driven a 4x4 jeep in an off-road environment, but having a carriage cart at the back of a vehicle is something new and exciting. In this simulation game, you have to drive a vehicle and transport wild horse to the zoo. You will get enough chances to prove yourself a pro driver. So, buckle up and climb of mountains with sharp and dangerous turns.

Horse Transport Truck Sim 19 -Rescue Thoroughbred Features:

Real-model of farm horse transport truck
Unique animal transporting mission
Epic 3D farm and city environment
Realistic driving physics & smooth controls
Quality graphics with amazing sound effects
Beautiful 3D off road environment
Realistic physics of 4x4 jeep with horse cart
Multiple challenging tasks of animal transportation
Scenic views during this driving thrill
HD graphics Real sound effects
Multiple camera views
Offroad horse zoo truck driver experience

Enjoy the horse transport simulator 19
Game Level includes transport horse carriage in this ultimate horse simulator. Transport the angry pony from farm to the safe zoo. Bring back the wild angry lion from the city circus to forest. Take the deer to Claudia, from farmer who lives in the forest.



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