Feel Hungarian political struggle!

Welcome to the Hungarian political arena!

The struggle for power was and remains the main purpose and occupation of many Hungarian politicians. The methods of their political struggle acquire the most desperate forms.

Parliamentary elections are approaching, during which the leading representatives of political parties will meet in a tense battle. All Hungary froze in anticipation of a struggle in which the stronger will win. Only one will win - the strongest one, who will be able to protect his beliefs and lead the government of our country.

It will be the one who will receive all the levers of influence and from whom will depend the internal and external policies of Hungary. On the way to the prime minister's chair, you will have a hard and thorny way: you will have to compete with the most influential and famous politicians.

Good luck in your fight!

Features of the game:
• 16 characters created on the basis of real Hungarian politicians and public persons;
• unique combat ability of each character;
• live audio phrases of real politicians;
• various gaming locations;
• available campaign mode and fast combat option;
• record statistics: fight with friends in the fast game passing!

What's new

Minor bug fixing
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2018-05-13 Jo xD

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2018-05-10 Hungarian politics in a nutshell.

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2018-04-07 Ez egy hülyeség.

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2018-04-01 Xddddddddddddddddddddddd

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Krisztián Ivánkai

2018-05-10 Nagyon király csak így tovább szerintem van jövője ennek a csapatnak ilyen játékokkal!

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2018-04-06 Nagyon vicces 😂

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Ábel Lowescher

2018-04-04 Csodálatos

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2018-05-13 tökély

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Máté Bejó

2018-05-12 Ez felháborító!

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2018-04-06 Jó játék az irányításon van meg csiszolni és szilárd nak a hablabla kóla képesség lenne a legjobb :D


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