Raise a perfect dweller, rule and upgrade a magic castle as a fair king!

Become the lord and master of a real medieval castle! Accept new subjects, assign them to their duties, train and protect your men and women! Defy your rivals and laws of physics as you build and upgrade your fortress!

Your pudgy warriors look great in their shining armor! Nourish and train your troops, and they’ll crush the armies of Grav the Mighty Brainpan, put the Abyss Lord back in his place, and also burn down a couple of enemies’ castles!

All day long your scribes scratch their heads with quills, treasurers spill coins on the floor and blacksmiths drop anvils on their feet for the sake of your prosperity! Prepare true specialists, become wealthy and influential! Build a dating room and watch your subjects have children who’ll soon grow up and serve you too!

Assume command, my lord! Here are some of the opportunities you get in the game:

- Story-driven campaign. In hundreds of missions your heroes fight orcs, giants, skeletons and even dragons! Battle magic, cold steel and cunning strategy – the end justifies the means!
- Castle construction. Build new rooms for your stronghold and upgrade the existing ones. You’ve got all you need to create a dream castle! Begin the construction now!
- Developing the villagers. Each of your subjects can learn new skills and wear any equipment. Train great warriors and scribes… and then swap them with each other!
- Multiplayer. Get medieval! Burn and plunder the castle of someone you don’t like… And you don’t like all of them, right?

We are now working on:
- Clans: Join an exciting cooperative gameplay! Create clans together with other players, talk in chat, develop your kingdoms, train your champions, conquer territories and dominate other kingdoms.
- Portals and mazes: even more options to earn unique chests with precious rewards. New enemies, new bosses and new territories!
- Caravans: if you are tired of war, go into business!
- The extension of the storyline campaign: get to the chief villain and triumph over the universal evil!
- Collections and unique heroes
- Daily log-in bonuses
- The improvement of the visual elements of the game
- The optimization and balance of the game process
- Performance improvements
All of these and many other innovations are waiting for you in the upcoming updates!

What's new

My lords and ladies, introducing Hustle Castle’s greatest update yet!
- A Hero is a warrior of great power. Develop unique talents, that will make him and your fighters even stronger. Look for relic fragments and create incredibly powerful items.
- Dungeons — where amazing adventures await the brave. You can only enter with another group member. You will find all you need to increase the strength of your Hero there.

The Dungeon and Hero are available from Throne Room level 9.
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Lyndon Hamilton avatar

Lyndon Hamilton

2018-10-08 Awesome potential

Nathan Szafraniec avatar

Nathan Szafraniec

2018-10-08 Very fun so far

shannon pollard avatar

shannon pollard

2018-10-08 A fun and interesting game

grant blackburn avatar

grant blackburn

2018-10-08 Fun

Emilio V avatar

Emilio V

2018-10-08 Starting up as a fun game and after just a few levels goes in a ridiculous mode where takes weeks to update each building.

Knight Vamp avatar

Knight Vamp

2018-10-08 This is a awesome clone of blocking games that u build upon think xcom without turn based strategy. I like the RPG element and storyline

Cole Mole avatar

Cole Mole

2018-10-08 Good

A Google user avatar

A Google user

2018-10-08 This game is sooo kul and fun I like the strategies

Milos Sirotanovic avatar

Milos Sirotanovic

2018-10-08 Great game, lot's of fun things to do.

Kate D avatar

Kate D

2018-10-08 Its cool


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