Do charity with your daily walk. Make fitness, weight loss and social work fun!

Track your walking and running distance with Impact distance tracker and help someone in need, daily! It's free.

Turn your phone's GPS on and start Impact for your daily workouts. Impact tracks your distance and converts it into money for charity.
Your fun fitness app which does charity for free!

A few android phones which have custom OS kill the app in the background to save battery. Hence, your distance might not get recorded accurately. This issue exists in all fitness apps out there. We are trying to find a solution but some phones still face this issue.

If you're facing less accurate distance tracking, please lock the app in the background after starting your workout. This will save Impact from killing in the background and will let it track during the entire workout.

Select a social cause closest to your heart and go for a walk or jog or run. You can feed kids, plant seeds, empower women with just your steps.

You can also choose to volunteer for a cause. Pick any cause and let us know that you would like to volunteer to help the cause more.

Impact tracks your distance using the phone's GPS and converts it into money for charity. Every kilometer you walk/jog/run raises Rs 10 for the chosen social cause. The charity money is sponsored by a company from its Corporate Social Responsibility budget.

So you just have to get fit by walking or running with Impact and we do good on your behalf by partnering with companies. Can there be a better idea for weight loss?

Impact League is a fun fitness charity competition in which you compete with your friends, family, colleagues to win exciting prizes, medals, badges.

We organize special leagues for your company where you can form teams with your colleagues and compete to win special prizes. Or you can join an open league that's happening on Impact. There are different open leagues happening every few months where you can win bigger prizes.


Make your workouts social workouts!
Get Fit. Do Good. 💝

What's new

Features :
- Now you can sign-up using your phone number for a faster onboarding experience

Improvements :
- Location tracking improved - keep the internet on to recover your workout
- Fixed some minor crashes
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Pooja Upadhyay avatar

Pooja Upadhyay

2016-08-06 Great idea , super smooth app, i would recommend this to everyone

Tejas Gupta avatar

Tejas Gupta

2016-07-09 This is an amazing thing to do first in the morning...

DDB avatar


2016-07-31 Update 31/07 - Re-rating the app, seen the changes that asked forHi, I would give it a 5 star if I could be able to track my past runs and see if the money is actually sent to the Causes or not. Did runs more than 16 kms, still no sign of transparency - Editing comment : By tracking run, I meant the run should open with the stats and not merely be seen as a line item in the history section. It should reflect which cause, how much and where run etc. Waiting for the enhancements and the June 2016 funds report

Priyansh Khandelwal avatar

Priyansh Khandelwal

2016-07-16 Gr8 app..... Hats off to developers.......

kanika khandelwal avatar

kanika khandelwal

2016-07-31 Very good and easy to use

Sachin Sawant avatar

Sachin Sawant

2016-07-30 The concept is very awesome, but have not received any campaign reports for any of the runs.

Swapnil Thombare avatar

Swapnil Thombare

2016-07-30 The best combination of getting fit and helping someone in need at the same time. I have seen nothing like it. Great job Impact Run team.

Mayank Mehra avatar

Mayank Mehra

2016-08-10 Superb app

ashish pathak avatar

ashish pathak

2016-08-21 Fitness with charity (superb)👍👌

kaushik puntambekar avatar

kaushik puntambekar

2016-08-07 I read about this app in Times Of India newspaper and was really excited to download this it works absolutely fine with my device and i especially loved the concept of social cause......good and amazing..well done!!!


@Impact. Walk to donate.

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