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Infection Bio War Free description:

INFECT the world population with the most exciting DISEASE game on the Google Play Store.
Spread your disease using different Symptoms and Resistances!!
- Choose your Level: Easy, Medium or Hard
- Select the country to start your disease attack
- Evolve your disease and obtain dozens of transmission vehicles (Use Birds, Cattle, Water and much more)
- Add Symptoms to increase lethality
- Add Resistances to avoid being discovered
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Infection Bio War Free 1.0 for Android 2.2 APK file

Version: 1.0 for Android Android 2.2

Update on: September 16 15

Signature: bfbddc44daea8b3a43e0a0be291dc037371be417

Size: 23.91 MB (25,069,927 bytes)

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User reviews
Kylie Wilcox avatar

Kylie Wilcox

Won't work I can play for a little while, but then the music stops, and soon after it just shuts off I guess. It doesn't even say "sorry -- has stopped" I'm about to download it again to see if it'll work now.

Raffy Corrales avatar

Raffy Corrales

Whoopie Plague inc? More like plague to your wallets inc. The fck cares even if they copy plague THE COPY IS WAAAAAAAAY MORE BETTER THAN THE ORIGINAL.

Loh Yu Chen avatar

Loh Yu Chen

Great game! But, last time I killed everyone except 1 person, and I lost. WHAT ARE THE CHANCES THAT PERSON IS HELPING TO CURE IT?!

Mat Coddington avatar

Mat Coddington

Awesome! I have no complaints, but I do have two feature suggestions: a) OPTIONAL Play Games connection/achievements & b) expansion or sequel of some kind, maybe just an update with new symptoms/events. :-D I would also be more than happy to hit a "Donate" button if I could find one.

Jeremiah Germain avatar

Jeremiah Germain

I won so easily! This game is pretty good... it copies another game, but so what? As long as it helped us all play a game that won't take our money just for development that may never come... and this game actually made me feel like a real killer...TIP:infect all of the worlds population first to rack up points... than kill them all. Thank You for making this game! ^-^