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From useful and entertaining how-tos and hacks, to delicious recipes and outrageous inventions, Instructables is the place to explore, document, and share your creations.
With over 100k tutorials in technology, workshop, living, and more, we have the largest collection of do-it-yourself projects created by others just like you.

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Instructables 2.0.4 for Android 2.3 APK file

Version: 2.0.4 for Android Android 2.3

Update on: October 04 15

Signature: b8084debd0229429e94349017ed7132c23b6681b

Size: 8.92 MB (9,348,556 bytes)

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User reviews
Katrina Sayaang avatar

Katrina Sayaang

This is awesome but, This program is great and I cannot argue on that but there is something wrong with the app itself. I used my google acct in signing in using the web based website but it is somehow restricted here on this app. So, I signed up to create another acct and so I did but the app displays login at the top and logout at the bottom when I tapped on the menu. So the last option I have is to connect it woth Facebook and yet the issue is still the same. So,here I am reinstalling this app and hopes that resolves the iss

Trevor Long avatar

Trevor Long

The Greatest Quite possibly the greatest app I've come to discover. Though yes it does have a few technical flaws such as the occasional crash, videos not always working, etc., it makes up for that entirety by being itself. It's a great place for a community of millions to collaborate and learn new things and make the earth a prettier cooler place to live. A huge thanks to those who made!

Moe Odatalla avatar

Moe Odatalla

Not stuff ALL DAY! Can't even touch the full site, but a handy app to have for browsing. Definitely agree with other reviewers: videos and gifs on the OP's instructables are key, and searches tend to yield limited results. But hey......I'm still glad to have this on my phone. Now I just gotta post an instructable myself!

Kelin Leishangthem avatar

Kelin Leishangthem

Need more features We frequently switch between apps in mobile and accidentally close it. Best part of instructable is pictures and photos in any projects. In our country like India data is costly beside slow connection. It will be a good idea if you added a feature with chache enable option for faster loading on brief exit to favorite projects. My five star rating in pending

Tanya Dwyer avatar

Tanya Dwyer

App is borked Big fan of the actual website and I absolutely love all the crazy and talented contributors (just the general community is supportive and amazing too) but this app sucks camel balls. Why is it an issue to even sign up? Something is seriously broken in the coding. Instructibles community, I call on you! One of you make an instructible of how to make an app that actually works, and be sure to send it to the admins! They obviously need it!