A safe, secure and fun application for your children to learn and play- Animated home screen with customisable characters and...

A safe, secure and fun application for your children to learn and play

- Animated home screen with customisable characters and an easy to use interface

- Exclusive applications for your children including a fun camera, voice changer and colouring book

- Safe from unintentional in-app purchases and always under the parent’s control

Various applications sorted by age and category available in a special Kids Store, (where parents authorise the download), including educational apps, fun digital toys, games featuring their favourite TV characters and wonderful story books

[ Regarding the App Access Privilege ]

To provide quality service in Kids Mode and its basic kids apps, it needs below app access privilege. (Mandatory Access Privilege)

- Storage : (Kids Mode) To set media files (photo/video/music), which can be allowed in the parent control.
(Kids Camera, Kids Drawing) To save media files (photo/video/drawing) on device, which are created in the apps.
(Kids Video, Kids Music, Kids Gallery) To read media files (video/music/photo) from device.

- Phone : (Kids Mode) To check the call status when opening and using Kids Mode.
(Kids Camera, Kids Music, Kids Magic Voice) To control camera, music play, recording function during a call.

- Camera : (Kids Camera) To use camera, video function in the app.
(Kids House) To use camera function in 3D dancing game.

- Contacts : (Kids Mode) To add contacts, which can be allowed in the parent control.

- Microphone : (Kids Camera, Kids Magic Voice) To use video, recording function in the apps.

- SMS : (Kids Camera) To check the message while using Kids Camera.

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Kids Mode update


Kaitlyn Aplin avatar

Kaitlyn Aplin

2018-01-26 Loved it! Untill it updated and now is telling me the kids tablet isnt compatible with it 😡😡😡

jo jones avatar

jo jones

2018-01-18 Doesn't work... used to be great now.....

Miguel Vail avatar

Miguel Vail

2018-01-15 I like it

iampixiechix avatar


2018-01-13 I used to love this. It just, for some reason, won't work on my Samsung Galaxy S8. I have already reinstalled, opened and asked for the permissions to which I selected "allow", but after that part, nothing. If I tap the app icon on my screen, nothing happens.

Natasha Brink avatar

Natasha Brink

2018-01-05 I love the previous version PLEASE tell me is there any way how to download it somewhere. The character in this one BREATHES scary.. it gets unnerving.

Chilufya Kapwepwe avatar

Chilufya Kapwepwe

2018-01-05 This was a 5 star app and by far the best one to both, keep my kids entertained and the rest of my phone safe from their wondering through various apps but after I upgraded it, it wont allow addition of new apps and some apps wont open.

Huy Hoàng Hoàng avatar

Huy Hoàng Hoàng

2017-12-29 New version kid can bypass to App drawer, instead of kid mode home.

Rose McDonald avatar

Rose McDonald

2017-12-19 Error message. Unable to download data 1-1. Loved this app for my kids on my old phone, but it wasn't compatible with this phone anymore a few months back. It seems there was an update which SHOULD have made it compatible again. I was so excited to see it when I was searching for a new kids mode again since I disliked my replacement app. Unfortunately, this one is currently worthless since it won't open. Please fix it! My kids love the included games and I love the ease of securing my phone.

Sudhir Kumar avatar

Sudhir Kumar

2017-12-18 Best app for child

A Google user avatar

A Google user

2017-12-16 Love it


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