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Build kingdoms, lead dragons, armies & allies in this fun new MMO war strategy!

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OS Require4.1 and up
Author's NotesBuild kingdoms, lead dragons, armies & allies in this fun new MMO war strategy!

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Kingdoms of Heckfire APK poster
Kingdoms of Heckfire APK poster

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What's new in version 1.63

The latest and greatest update includes:
* A bunch of bug fixes and performance improvements!


Build your Kingdom, train your dragons and start destroying things today. Goblins! Skeletons! People with weird Moustaches! Battle them all in this real-time strategy mobile MMO!

• Real time, open world map filled with monsters and players from around the world!
• Raise a powerful Dragon army to strike fear into your enemies hearts (and other organs)!
• Create powerful Clans and Alliances to rule the realms of Heckfire!
• Complete epic quests issued by a semi nude wizard!
• Battle well groomed Titans for massive amounts of loot! Possibly even Ham!

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Download Kingdoms of Heckfire APK file from, then follow these steps:

Update Phone Settings

  • Go to your phone Settings page
  • Tap Security or Applications
  • Check the Unknown Sources box
  • Confirm with OK

Goto downloads

  • Open Downloads on your device by going to My Files or Files
  • Tap the APK file you downloaded (ata.kraken.heckfire-v1.63.apk)
  • Tap Install when prompted, the APK file you downloaded will be installed on your device.

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User's Reviews

5 ★ Well well, a game where you can engage your self for a time. Good graphics, Cool [sometimes buggy] controls, Lol gameplay and funny things and all the people i get to know thanks for the game. A quick and fast response from developer if you run into any issue and they wilk get it solved asap possible.Playing from starting of beta and still playing it and you know it, why in playing because it is engaging addictive and time killing for you. Lots of things to explore and learn , give it a shot guys you will love the gameplay for sure. We know you guys are working there hard day and night to make a gem. We love you.😘😘😍✌👌👌keep the good work on. ---THUNDERSTORMby abhinav singh on 2017-11-25T06:38:24Z
1 ★ ***WARNING*** The developers of this game do not help if there is any case of bullying or harassment. Do not spend money on this game. They also delete negative reviews. If you like a game where support does absolutely nothing for you. Where all progress gets wipped away by entire clans against 1, randomly picking a target. And the game designers even promoting this. Then this is the John Spietaels on 2018-04-25T13:04:26Z
5 ★ This is an amazing game! Been playing in the beta version for awhile now. This game keeps you occupied while you travel and the community within the game is awesome. Gameplay and graphics are nice and most importantly less buggy than other games! The game devs has a in-game system which you can contact them to solve any issue and they will rectify issues dutifully! Great game and great experience so far!by Benjamin Kee on 2017-11-21T22:54:12Z
1 ★ This game rewards people for bullying others! Watched an entire clan get repeatedly crushed, over 100 attacks in 1 hour by someone with over 800 times our might. Not even kidding. Unless they add might brackets which limit who can attack you to somebody within your might level, I am leaving this as 1 star. Absolutely toxic!by Patrick Watson on 2018-05-13T10:04:56Z
1 ★ Love the game itself but if it wasn't for loyalty to my clan I would uninstall. The bullying and abuse on realm chat and pvt messaging in regards to leaderboard quests is out of control. A new way of ranking should be looked Lizzy on 2018-01-12T13:36:22Z
1 ★ This game is fun until you realize you have to pay A LOT to keep up. Shrines are used by top spenders to squeeze more out of low level players. Skip Robert Nolan on 2018-05-10T07:01:16Z
5 ★ Fun game! I like it! I am so glad this came out! The tutorial is nice and quick, and once I'm done, I know more things to do. I love the sounds my dragons make when I feed them. I love seeing them fly too. The music is cute and fun. The people in it are so funny. Like Cedric and Olga. The guards too! When I go to fix my hospital haha. I shouldn't tell you everything, but read the dialog, it's funny. And I like how I can see everything in the world in real time. No one even knows I'm watching! I get to be no one. Haha. And if I want, I can hide my troops in others and trick people when they try to attack me. Since I see everything in real time, I get to make mischief or just watch others do it. The community is really nice! I like all the people here in realm chat and clan chat. The devs are always answering questions and taking suggestions too! And there are plenty of helpful players too. I like ghat I get to play how I want to play. I get to build things that make my city one way or another. Research and the buildings, the types of troops I train, even which dragons I pick or what land I put my home on. Everything matters! It's so fun. It really draws you in. Get a good clan with people who like to talk and help. There are so many. I'm happy this game released! Congrats ATA!!by A Google user on 2017-11-20T22:23:08Z
5 ★ Still LOVE This Game!! This Game Is Still Perfect. Don't EVER Quit This Game Makers !! Thank You So Much!!by Lisa Pate on 2018-04-10T04:44:34Z
1 ★ High end players destroy the game by wiping out low ranking players in order to get prizes worth 20 bucks. Developer isn't smart enough to fingure out that this will eventually cause the player base to collapse as they piss off new players causing them to abandon the gameby berl goff on 2018-05-13T03:11:24Z
5 ★ I waited to review until I finally got attacked. Despite my opponent steam rolling me, it really didn't hurt much. I usually avoid pvp and required multiplayer, but finding a friendly clan was easy, and a casual, somewhat lost player can still enjoy this surprisingly deep game. Paying in isn't necessary, but the purchases are well priced for those with cash to blow on their vice of choice. Accessibility wise, neither sound nor color provide exclusive information. Controls are purely the standard tapping Nathalie Carlson on 2017-11-30T15:42:01Z
4 ★ It's a humerous version of hundreds of strategy games. None of these games are original at all. Hurry up and wait or pay money to advance. People willing to spend money are always going to way farther than everyone April Wilson on 2017-12-22T16:27:08Z
2 ★ Updating my review to reflect the new patch. The engine is solid. Few graphical glitches, but the controls are very clunky. Turnaround time for support tickets can take days (my personal wait record was three weeks: the game has only been out for 12 weeks) Realm transfers are non existent without a support ticket listed above. There is no back end chat logging so all player complaint reports are totally reliant on whatever was "reported," which can be altered by any player sending out the report, as it's just a direct private message to the ATA official account. The players are toxic and immature. The chat reads like a middle school chat room despite most of the players being close to 30 years old. There is no end game to speak of. The events have so far been disastrous enough to require multiple compensation attempts. The first 16 servers have gone from 50,000 users to around 12,000 with more leaving every day. The clan help system doesn't work. The server lag takes several minutes to upload the leaderboards despite being billed as "real time tracking," and to top it all off, the bonuses from the tier 3 and tier 4 troops doesn't really exist. All in all, pass on this game. Hastily thrown together and is being held together by bandaids. Unless an overhaul happens on the backend, this game is destined for failure. Pass on Will Bunch on 2018-02-26T06:16:59Z
1 ★ The developers have zero integrity. They keep merging realms and splitting up clans only to make it more competitive for smaller clans so players will spend more money for might advancement. You have to spend a lot of money to get ahead in this game only to have it all lost. If you want to play don't join a clan and don't spend a dime. If you do try to be more competitive, bigger clans will rob you blind Angela Jacobsen on 2018-01-20T15:21:40Z
4 ★ Removing due to notifications. Update: Developer replied, and I went back and did find this setting.. I originally looked and tried to scroll down, but it instead kept dragging the sound bars so I figured there were no more options!!! Hilarious mistake! User interface could use some work there, but thank you for getting back to me about this and I will continue playing the game without notifications. It does seem quite fun so farby Michael Fain on 2017-11-21T21:29:53Z
1 ★ I CANT GET AN NAME ALL NAMES ARE TAKENby Glitchysomethingidkwat :p on 2017-11-01T00:38:17Z

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