Feel the political struggle!

Welcome to the Korean political arena!

The struggle for power was and remains the main purpose and occupation of many Korean politicians. The methods of their political struggle acquire the most desperate forms.

Features of the game:
• 15 characters created on the basis of real Korean politicians and public persons;
• unique combat ability of each character;
• live audio phrases of real politicians;
• various gaming locations;
• available campaign mode and fast combat option;
• record statistics: fight with friends in the fast game passing!

What's new

Minor bug fixing
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Druha _

2018-09-18 나룸 격투게임인데도 불구, 재미가 없습니다. 때리고, 방어하고, 특정물건 던지고 끝. 도대체 무슨 재미로 하라는 거지요...? 아이디어는 참신하나...도무지 이해가 되질않습니다.



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