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Walk in the footsteps of the Multiverse's greatest hunter. Featuring additional campaign levels, challenges, and new cards to collect, you take on the role of Garruk and hunt your prey across the planes!

-Explore the fan-favorite plane of Alara to unlock powerful new cards -Take on the role of Garruk and use his evolving deck to hunt your prey -Win Battle Boosters through Multiplayer to expand your card collection


Early Bird Bonus: Players who purchased the Complete Bundle, Card Collection Bundle, or any Premium Boosters for Magic 2015 prior to 11/5/2014 automatically get the Garruk’s Revenge expansion campaign added to their account as a bonus! Simply update Magic 2015 to the latest version, start the game, and the expansion campaign will be there waiting for you!


Experience the world's best strategy game with Magic 2015—Duels of the Planeswalkers!

Hunt bigger game in this all new adventure. Command powerful creatures and wield devastating spells to defeat your opponents in the most exciting Magic yet!

•Detailed tutorial makes it easy to start playing
•The quickest way to learn the world's best strategy trading card game

•Sharpen your skills as you fight your way across the Multiverse
•Face ever-more challenging opponents
•Come face-to-face with legendary Planeswalkers on Innistrad, Theros, Ravnica, and more.

•Craft your ultimate deck from hundreds of cards
•Open Booster packs to grow your collection and become more powerful

•Enter multi-player mode to test your deck
•Pit your skills against random opponents or your friends

*Premium Boosters purchased individually or in bundles can be opened once you’ve completed the Innistrad Chapter.

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User reviews
Chandler Dukes avatar

Chandler Dukes

Best game ever it definitely helps me keep my skills up because I actually play magic in real life. On top of that it helps you be able to learn how to build decks with only certain cards. So keep up the amazing work. Also I was wondering if you guys have all the cards up to the newest set in this game if you guys don't I would love if you could add them and also add options to where you can set it to where you can I want to build a standard deck and you can only use cards that you have that are legal in standard right now. So basically keep up with the new cards that come out and add them and if you decide to add a feature to where you can set it to where you can choose what kind of deck you want to build like a standard deck it follows all the current rules for magic.

Logan Strain avatar

Logan Strain

Great Game! I don't play games on my phone. There's just not many things that can entertain me. That being said, Magic 2015 has kept me going for a week now. I myself have two decks in real life, but no one to play with. So this game is a real welcome. It may be noted that only one level of the campaign is unlocked, and from there on out you must buy everything. New cards, new levels, multiplayer and anything else (e.g. training mode, and anything except the tutorial) are locked.

Aimee Gillman avatar

Aimee Gillman

Okay so I would give this game 5 stars if I could log into google games to access multiplayer and purchasable content without being connected to wifi. I have noticed many other users commenting on this as well - sadly this has been an ongoing issue for months. I am not always in a position where I am able to be connected via wifi and as a fan of mtg I enjoy being able to play multiplayer. Please fix this Other than that I have no complaints and thoroughly enjoy this app and also have magic 2015 on my xbox.

Eric Ward avatar

Eric Ward

I've missed this game Been playing for several weeks and having a blast. I forgot how much I enjoyed playing MTG, and this had made it very accessible. The interface is great, although in a 4-way match it can be a little difficult to select an individual creature to target. I would recommend adding a pinch-to-zoom feature to see and select cards more easily. Even then, it is absolutely worth paying to unlock the main campaign.

Zach Jackson avatar

Zach Jackson

Buggy as described. All the reviews mentioning bugs are true, and I've encountered them all. I'll voice the same opinion as others: this game has so much potential, I just hope WotC can get it together to deliver a great MtG experience on smartphones. Will be more than happy to change my rating after they are able to address all the issues this app has, and I'm able to really spend time with it. For short, DON'T INSTALL.