Melbourne Pollen Count & Forecast; School of BioSciences, Uni. of Melbourne.

The Melbourne Pollen Count App provides real-world pollen count data during the Melbourne grass pollen season (October 1 to December 31) as generated by the School of Botany at the University of Melbourne, Australia. It also provides a year round 7 days forecast of grass pollen levels in Melbourne. In addition, we send push notifications for high pollen forecast days and you can also help us help you by telling us how your hay fever symptoms are, which will help us better understand the relationship between the pollen count and how people feel.

What's new

We've refreshed the look of the App, and added 7-day forecasts at each of our pollen trap locations.


Sree Gopalan avatar

Sree Gopalan

2013-12-02 That Pine trees can suspend a lot of pollen in the air is a good confirmation from the FAQ section. I have a huge pinetree in my back yard. Every visit to this tree surrounds, I suffer from immediate and aggressive allergic reaction. Now I know for sure to stay away especially near this tree. If only an android app can emit anti allergens in the surrounds .....

Justin Talent avatar

Justin Talent

2013-10-18 Last update fixed the GPS issues as promised. Great app. :) Maybe look into making the app a bit more responsive for a future update, can feel a little bit unresponsive swapping between different pages.

Samantha Harvey avatar

Samantha Harvey

2013-10-01 No only does the info seem accurate so far, I got a lot out of the FAQ section well. Thanks!!

Mark Byron avatar

Mark Byron

2018-10-28 Seems a good app, but you don't get any warnings or alerts till 11 in the morning. You should get alerts and warnings earlier, say at 9.00 or earlier. Needs fixing.

Arun Baskaran avatar

Arun Baskaran

2018-10-25 Home screen not working. Screen stuck on "fetching pollen data...".

A Google user avatar

A Google user

2018-10-25 With 2 asthma sufferers in the house I feel much safer with up to the minute info on the pollen count.

Jessica Testa avatar

Jessica Testa

2018-10-24 Very Handy - especially for people with a lung condition.

Ronald Lau avatar

Ronald Lau

2018-10-21 After reinstallation, it is still showing 'fetching pollen data' only

A Google user avatar

A Google user

2018-10-19 Great app, very helpful. Would be even better if there is a widget.

Jan Carter avatar

Jan Carter

2018-11-18 No station in Ballarat! Disappointing


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