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Melody Engineer description:

Melody Engineer helps you composing melodies. No matter if you are a professional musician or just music enthusiast it will help you think out of the box and unlock your creativity.

This is extended version with option to save the melody as midi and text file, many more scales and AUTO COMPOSER methods.

Check video demonstration here -

How can you use it:

1. Select tempo, note scale and note length.
2. Create melody rhythm by checking the checkboxes below the notes. Play rhythm and tweak it if needed.
3. Press COMPOSE NOTES button to generate the notes for selected rhythm.
4. Listen to melody repeatedly and tweak the notes manually or with the help of auto composer by leaving the notes targeted for change checked.

You can select:
- note length - 1, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32
- tempo (beats per minute)
- scale (major/minor)

The melody consists of up to 16 notes of selected scale.

You can play melody rhythm or melody pressing corresponding buttons.

The individual notes are chosen using drop down menu.

Melody is played using selected notes. Rhythm is played using notes and also checked notes (even if they are empty "-" )

AUTO COMPOSER feature select notes from chosen scale for these positions where the checkboxes are checked.

Melody Engineer for Android video Trailer

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