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It’s “GO” time! Take a ride on the Reading Railroad. Buy Boardwalk. Go directly to Jail. Buy, sell, and trade the famous MONOPOLY properties, and see the game jump to life with animated features and easy gameplay. Challenge friends and even customize the game rules!

Tap the screen to manage your properties – from Marvin Gardens to Water Works to Park Place. Building hotels or taking a “Chance” is simple and intuitive.

Play through 3 levels of difficulty and save games in progress. Also customize the number of players, the game rules, and even the game environment.

Enjoy MONOPOLY in the tradition of the beloved, best-selling board game!

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User reviews
Alex Evans avatar

Alex Evans

Great Board Game To Play Bought this thinking it would save me carrying round a physical board in my back pocket, and it has! Great animation and great look and feel. The only major issues I have with the game is that I cannot buy back mortgaged properties, and what appears to be a common fault, the drag across the screen to view properties to put houses and hotels on doesn't work. The flick dice function also doesn't work. Overall a good digital version of the classic board game, however needs some major improvements.

Dean Galloway avatar

Dean Galloway

Well designed and worth playing As a fan and player from way back, I'm impressed with this version. The design is slick and colour schemes have been thoughtfully calibrated to please the eye without looking too busy. My one complaint is that the 'hard' mode is way too easy. The same mode on the PS2 version was way more ruthless, with AI players building houses and hotels as soon as they had a set of properties. They would even strategically mortgage their other properties to raise quick cash for building, but not in this version.

Mar Gosha avatar

Mar Gosha

High potential but low appearance Bought this game and experienced a huge disappointment. Idea of having so much loved game on my smart phone and challenge friends online was obviously a great thing to have. Poor graphics, no options to change anything at all , where is multilayer option?? Sound of the game just ridiculous! No possibility to turn it off completely when switch to music playlist... So great opportunity to make it a favorite game for millions and not used even 40 % of potential! !

Jez Savides avatar

Jez Savides

Good app. I love monopoly and to be able to play with it on my phone is amazing. I feel the app was really well put together and the animations are awesome. Overall a really good feel of what monopoly is/should be like. The only criticism I have is the "manage" section doesn't work. It constantly freezes so I have to exit the app and then go back into it. It won't let me view a properties card so if I wanted to (un)mortgage I am not able to. Other then this is would highly recommend this app.

Brandon Nyman avatar

Brandon Nyman

WORKS perfectly on my GT2 & GS3 People are complaining it won't work on their devices at all but for me it worked fine on my Samsung Gt 2 and my Samsung S 3. I got it for 10p which is a bargain for an old classic board game. Probably the only board game I like. It is a large download file for a mobile device but as long as you have enough or your device supports internal -> SD then you should be fine. Anyway reason I don't give 5 ☆ is because it needs more options settings and because it's EA. Yes I don't like ?