Multi Timer Stopwatch is a beautifully designed time management app.

Multi Timer is a beautifully designed time management app. Multiple timers can be set, independently started and run at the same time. Stopwatch results can be stored.
Use Multi Timer for cooking, sports, (dish)machine washing, study, work, gameplay - anything you like.

✓ Multiple timers at once: Store timers that you usually use for cooking, sports, study, work, game, anything you want. Start them with just one touch, any time you need.

✓ Timer within a timer: Get a notice at a set interval time. For example, receive a signal during a presentation that a set time is left.

✓ Each timer it's own sound: Assign a unique sound to each timer, so you instantly recognize which timer alarm goes off.

✓ Text-to-Speech: Once a timer alarm goes off, the timer will speak to you.

✓ Beautiful timer widget: Experience simple and beautiful timer widgets, with changeable color and size.

✓ Control timers with sensors: Turn off a timer by waving your hand over your phone without touching it.

✓ Store and share stopwatch records: You won't lose your stopwatch records anymore. Share your stored records at anytime you want.

✓ Designed for all devices: Multi Timer supports all types of devices.

✓ Improvement through your input: Multi Timer continues to develop with the help of your ideas. We always appreciate your wishes.

By purchasing the premium version, you will get the following benefits:
- Ad-free
- Dark theme
- Features added in the future

* Does the App not function properly, or do you assume a problem, please contact us via:
* Please contact us
- email: [email protected]

What's new

- Provides searchable alarm sound picker
- Provides various audio output method (Ringtone, Media, Alarm, Notification) in Settings


Darma Balen avatar

Darma Balen

2018-09-29 good app for dual rubik's cube good app

Nike Tingado avatar

Nike Tingado

2018-09-28 Its a nice app. Its exactly what I wanted. Would really love an update where i can widget for stopwatch.

Anirudha Ghag avatar

Anirudha Ghag

2018-09-28 Helps me manage multiple tasks with precision, earlier I had the facility in my mi note 5 pro but it vanished during an update, since then I am using this & I am happy, thanks

Susan P avatar

Susan P

2018-09-27 EXCELLENT...easy to set, easy to see, EXACTLY what I was looking for...THANKS, GREAT JOB developers 😁😁😁😁

Himanshu Sharma avatar

Himanshu Sharma

2018-09-27 Awesome app! Pros: 1. The laps can be counted 2. Multiple stopwatches can be added 3. The counted laps can be 'shared' on different platforms 4. [best thing] can see the history of the stopwatch and share it as text or .csv file (I use it to gauge my study time during test preparation)

Ted Murphy avatar

Ted Murphy

2018-09-26 Versatile, works well!

Eric Swerdfeger avatar

Eric Swerdfeger

2018-09-25 Use this app all the time for countdown timing.

Ruchitha Radha avatar

Ruchitha Radha

2018-09-24 Very very useful

Emily York avatar

Emily York

2018-09-19 Great for homeschooling! Let's one timer go off and another automatically start. :) thanks

Quang Le avatar

Quang Le

2018-09-19 Smartphone is time hog, this app keep it in check.



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