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Music Hero - Rhythm Beat Tap description:

Music Hero is the most rockin' and the only music rhythm game that you can play with your own music! Get ready to feel the rhythm as you tap tap your cell phone screen now!

Are you ready to rock and revenge? Tap your way through the songs with this easy to learn rhythm game. You can play with the preload songs or your local music files by your favorite artists. Music Hero includes a brand new visual experience with beautiful lighting effects and animations.

How to Play:
- Tap the discs when passing the bar at the bottom to score points for accuracy and timing

Game Features:
- Support local MP3 music files
- Simple, Standard and Expert difficulty levels
- Visually striking user interface

1. The embedded guitar music comes from
2. The required permissions is needed to help set your own music as ringtone.
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Music Hero - Rhythm Beat Tap 2.3 for Android 2.0 APK file

Version: 2.3 for Android Android 2.0

Update on: May 11 19

Signature: 9dbf6ce1def6bca7ff7801360dc8c07b481eb691

Size: 8.37 MB (8,779,028 bytes)

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Music Hero - Rhythm Beat Tap 2.1 for Android 2.0 APK file

Version: 2.1 for Android Android 2.0

Update on: September 16 15

Size: 7.34 MB (7,693,924 bytes)

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User reviews
Huyen Bui avatar

Huyen Bui

BEST APP EVER Play to any song you have on your phone? It's a dream come true!! No installing, no loading, literally just pick a song from you library and 5 seconds later you're playing. The notes match the song well enough. Only complaint would be the graphics aren't too pretty, but that isn't a problem considering how well everything else works. BEST APP!! Why is this not kn the top apps page??

Lord BoNes avatar

Lord BoNes

Great app! But I have a suggestion... When it comes to playing custom tracks, it would be a great addition to have functionality for custom "note-maps"... with a central repository (that is subject to moderation, so that the users can upload maps for others to use, or edit themselves). The repository "note-maps" can also be on a per-difficulty basis. Any maps that the user downloads for their custom tracks should be stored in a customizable directory (the user can set the path). These features would make Music Hero all the better.

Guess Who avatar

Guess Who

Really! I have no clue on what you people are smoking. OK. So you can play ur own music, that's great and all, but at the same time.... The buttons does not go along with the song. What's the point. I have a suggestion, why not FIRST let us record the pattern with the song, then reply it agaisnt others. Like make our own lay out of the words, record it while we're doing it. Then play it, and do it ourselves, and or challenge others. That'll make this game like no other. And u r welcome, u take da glory. But seeing that there's been no update in some time, I doubt that'll happen also. Hmmmm, maybe I can develop my own game......

Sean Carroll avatar

Sean Carroll

P.O.S. First off, I'm a long time player of tap tap revenge. Ever dive the game went offline I've been trying to find a replacement game. This app isn't even remarkably close to replacing it. First off, there is no way to distinguish the circles from the lines. They almost blend together since they're the same color only layered on top of the line. Secondly, it only crosses with three songs, which I easily best on expert the first time around. Finally, the songs you use on your phone don't even challenge you 0/10

hunter borman avatar

hunter borman

Very good game This app is the best of its kind! It can lag, but it has an easy solution. Just go into settings and turn to low quality. Also, it has an audio offset, great for players to fine tune the game. It does allow the play to input their own sons, but the feature doesn't work very well. Overall it is the best dinner taping music app, it's free, and has some cool settings/features!