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Discover all events you love, on topics you like, as never before, happening near you from more than 20 million events worldwide.

✓ Our users can discover awesome, new and amazing things to do, events in every city in India and outside India, such as trending events in Delhi, NCR, Gurgaon, Noida, Bangalore (Bangaluru), Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata as well as popular events in New York City (NYC), London, Boston, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Houston, Dallas, Singapore, Chicago, San Jose, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Austin, Miami etc including 200+ more happening cities of the world.

✓ Nearify recommends every day personalized list of events for you at the location of your choice. Also, find trending events for the weekend, weekdays or any major holidays in advance so that you can plan your free time ahead.

✓ Find what events your friends are liking, attending, when your favorite artists, musicians, comedians events are upcoming all at one place.

✓ Never spend your free time getting bored sitting at home - be it a weekend or when you are on a vacation or travelling for work. For example, if you live in Bangalore and travel to Mumbai, Nearify is your friend to give you snapshot of places, things to do, Mumbai events as well as for your home town Bangalore events.

✓ Always know using, Nearify, what all is happening like College Festivals, Music Festivals, Dance Performances, Film Festivals, Rock and Roll, Karaoke, Food Festivals, Jazz Music, Indie Music, Country Music, Culture and Humanities, Sufi Theme, Theater, Magic Shows, Improvs and Stand-up Comedy, Bollywood, Dance, Nature Walks, Live Bands, Dating, Blues Music, Open-mic, Mixology, Live DJ, Start-ups, Technology Product Launches, Adventure, Sports, Photography, Yoga Classes or any other interesting gig that you can attend, have fun when you step out of your homes, explore, and socialize.

✓ Use Nearify to invite your friends to your favorite events, share events with your groups on facebook, whatsapp, find directions to event venues, find events at your favorite venues, book tickets, cinema, movies.

✓ You can even add your loved events to phone calendar to be reminded before the event that you should go and attend.

How to use Nearify
✓✓ After downloading, tell us the type of events you like from more than 2000 topics , your social profile (optional), and your location choice, and let Nearify do rest of the magic of finding the best ones for you.

✓✓ Take a glance of all these events, like them by clicking on the HEART icon or share it with your friends on any social platform.

✓✓ You can also follow your favorite artists and track their events.

✓✓ Well, that’s about it! Isn't it interesting!!

✓✓ Download now and never miss an event anymore

The story of how Nearify happened

We were bored one weekend. Lot of time in hand but no clue about what to do. Despite scanning several websites we could not find anything interesting to do. No website was helpful in suggesting us events we could attend. In order to solve this problem and make discovering events easy, Nearify was born.
Now, sit back, download Nearify and enjoy events everyday.

-----------------for Event Organizers--------------
Nearify has a lot for the event organizers also - especially in Delhi, NCR, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Noida, Bangalore (Bangaluru), Mumbai, Bombay, Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata and other main urban regions in India. You can create your event on Nearify - Whether you are organizers of Fun events, whether paid or free, like parties, comedy shows, live music shows etc or you are organizer of business conferences, networking events or trade shows etc - you can in few clicks create your event and Nearify users will be able to see those events (Provided they are good events if not best). :) Let's Nearify the world by working together.

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Stan Kosy avatar

Stan Kosy

2018-01-17 No events in Singapore although it's listed in your list of cities?

vinay k avatar

vinay k

2018-01-01 Does not allow to sign in with Google or Facebook account and always says that nearify servers are unreachable

A Google user avatar

A Google user

2017-12-10 Was previously a great app for finding events but now it's broken :(

Hari Singh avatar

Hari Singh

2016-09-01 Great tool to find all that is happening around you. Highly recommended.

Mayur Garg avatar

Mayur Garg

2016-09-01 This is exactly what I needed. With an exhaustive list of events near me, arranged so neatly, it totally hits the sweet spot! Highly Recommended for going out.

Courtney Miller avatar

Courtney Miller

2016-08-30 Does exactly what I needed it too! Finds all the best events and arranges them by category and date. Found events that are not even on the city webpage. Best event app on here.

Estoney Mackie avatar

Estoney Mackie

2016-08-28 Fast easy to use and has a calender feature.

Julia MCLANE avatar


2016-08-28 Shows stuff I didn't choose . Muddys the water.

Michael De avatar

Michael De

2016-04-15 #Materialyolo

sushmitha shivanand avatar

sushmitha shivanand

2016-04-15 Helpful



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