History of the songs detected by the "Now Playing" feature on Pixel 2 devices.

Find songs recognized by "Now Playing" feature on Pixel 2 devices. The app keeps track of the songs in a neat, sorted by date list. You can switch between a light and dark theme, and chose if you want the location of the song to be stored as well.

Please note that the app requires permissions to your Notifications, so it can read the song data from Pixel Ambient Services.
When enabling notification access for the app, you will get a warning that the app may see your personal information such as contacts and messages, however, the applications only reads notifications from Pixel Ambient Services.
Also, the application does NOT have permissions to access the internet, so data NEVER leaves your device. You can check the application data usage for the app in your device settings.

- List or Map View
- Search, Filter, Delete (Swipe or Select), Add to Favorite
- Export and import song list to and from CSV or JSON
- Dark Theme
- Multiple language support
- Open song in your favorite player
- Completely offline

*** Because of privacy concerns, this app will never have internet access, hence features such as song scrobbling, lyrics, last.fm synchronization, etc., will never be added to this version of the app.

Permissions in AndroidManifest:
ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION - to record the song location, only if the feature is enabled.
BIND_NOTIFICATION_LISTENER_SERVICE - to access the song data from the notification created by Pixel Ambient services.
WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - to export songs into local storage
READ_INTERNAL_STORAGE - to import songs from local storage

What's new

* Bugfixes
* Removed donation menus
* Removed Google+ links since service is being discontinued.


Stewart Gateley avatar

Stewart Gateley

2018-02-02 This app shouldn't need internet permission. You want full access to notifications and full access to network, you get full access to my trash. There are other apps with the same functionality without any special permissions.

Kez Withers avatar

Kez Withers

2018-01-22 How is this not 5*. There is a paid competitor version which is worse than this. The theme is an awesome touch along with a map showing where songs were identified.

Michael Rivera avatar

Michael Rivera

2017-12-25 Love the dark (black) theme and the location history of the song. The layout is straight forward, would like to be able to swipe between tabs and support for Spotify. Overall impressed with the first release.

Jeffrey Cusano avatar

Jeffrey Cusano

2018-11-24 Good app. Works as described. Would love to be able to reverse sort the list in the app.

David Lowe avatar

David Lowe

2018-10-03 I have the app on and it stopped working.

Richard Browne avatar

Richard Browne

2018-09-20 It nice

Gino B. avatar

Gino B.

2018-09-13 Paid for the pro option but still didn't show album art. Not worth downloading or paying for.

Cole Burgin avatar

Cole Burgin

2018-02-03 Wow! What a useful app. This is something that should be done by the phone by default, and this app integrates seamlessly with an already excellent Pixel experience. I was actually one of the first 500 people to download, and now you have over 10k!! Congratulations!

Vinayaka Shreedhar avatar

Vinayaka Shreedhar

2018-02-03 I think this is one manjor feature google should have delivered. It stores all the recognized songs in history simple as that. I understand why it wants to read the notification. Its to read the text.

James Thomas avatar

James Thomas

2018-02-03 Works as advertised! Great app.


@Ivan Mihov

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