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    Free Tools apps

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    Go to download OK Screenshot on Google Play

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    Android 2.2

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OK Screenshot description:

OK Screenshot is an application lets you easily get screenshots.

Main Features

1. Click on the screenshot icon, or press the power button and volume down to get screenshot
2. Find the screenshot in save path
3. Edit and share screenshot

Note: If your phone is not Root and system version is lower than 4.0, the software will not work
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Older version of OK Screenshot APK
OK Screenshot 1.1 for Android 2.2 APK file

Version: 1.1 for Android Android 2.2

Update on: September 15 15

Signature: 4ace2a33e9cd3113adbb0ebce4eed90c5f43338b

Size: 496.52 KB (508,434 bytes)

Download APK (497 KB)

OK Screenshot 1.0 for Android 2.2 APK file

Version: 1.0 for Android Android 2.2

Update on: July 06 14

Size: 496.75 KB (508,677 bytes)

Download APK (497 KB)

User reviews
Henry's Art avatar

Henry's Art

It does what is supposed I don't need to edit, change colors, crop and all that, there are apps out there for that tasks. The main idea is to capture an image of a photo or text to help you later. In my case, I love TCG and the cards help me for inspiration drawing later so this app is highly essential for me. I was surprised the phone didn't come with that as apple products do. Lastly, I just got this phone (Samsung Galaxy S5) I have not rooted my phone and it works perfectly. In my case is power and home button for two second

_ XxxRTAxxX _ avatar

_ XxxRTAxxX _

Best snapshot for android First of all if your not on android or any Samsung of course this isn't going to work, the creators clearly have android in their name so apple nor any other phone is going to work,but if you do get it too work on any other phone well good for you,I'm big enough to admit when I'm wrong. Second it's a great working fixed app that deserves credit,your not making a snapshot are you? That's what I thought it's not that easy. I had this app for a year and a half and I have not seen any problems.

Jennifer Trevino avatar

Jennifer Trevino

Omg, one that actually works! I've tried countless other apps, and this one worked for my Grand X Max. I trust the makers of this app for i have other apps by them and they hav rarely given me issues. Im so happy. ??

Matt H avatar

Matt H

Never works It never works, and my phone is rooted too (Samsung GS4). I've tried every setting; autosave, manual save. Neither method actually saves the screenshot to the directory it says, and the manual save just shows a blank screen anyway.

Richard Baker avatar

Richard Baker

Worked one time only When I first installed it I got the 'trigger' and the 'not rooted' message appeared. The first suggestion worked, captured the screen with the message. The trigger then disappeared from the screen. When I try to run the app again I just get that message and nothing else. I AM NOT GOING TO ROOT MY PHONE.