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    2.1 and up

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Overclock for Android description:

Android Overclock was mentioned on CNN Tech as an app to improve the performance of your device. It has also been featured on droid-life.com and other popular Android sites.

Android Overclock makes your device blazing fast and can save your battery life! It also allows you to set custom profiles so you have full control over your devices performance. Control cpu with profiles for charging, time, temperature, battery, screen on/off and more! What sets Android Overclock apart from other similar apps is that it has all the functionality of these apps plus more features. It also looks extremely sexy!

This app requires root permission. For fast and friendly support please email us at [email protected] We will be glad to help answer your questions and troubleshoot with you.


☆ Change cpu scaling settings (i.e. setcpu)
☆ Set cpu profiles with Screen off, battery percentage, temperature, screen on, charging usb, charging ac, changing/full.
☆ Gorgeous widgets with battery temp & cpu info
☆ increase speeds (overclock) or save battery life (underclock)
☆ Select scaling frequencies on the fly for supported phones
☆ Full overclock customization (set freq. and @ boot)
☆ Sexy and customizable UI
☆ Temperature notification options
☆ Voltage calculator
☆ Advanced settings (sysctl config, sampling rate, up threshold, other kernel tweaks)

** Extras for all devices: **
☆ Froyo apps2sd
☆ Ad blocker
☆ Free memory
☆ Build Property edits
☆ clear cache
☆ reboot, hot reboot, recovery, power-down
☆ lcd density, wifi scan interval, other build.props
and more +++
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User reviews
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A Google User

Not bad Now that my fone is rooted its working pretty good. Of course I need to install a custom bootloader, gelato, and a custom rom but its pretty decent for saving battery. My only problem is that I'm still new at this and the fact that when I set it to powersaver it won't work fast enuf to let me set it back to performance it just forces closes. Another is it comstantly tells me I have to buy the app if I don't have background data on eventho apparently I've bought this app already.

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A Google User

5 star again This app is awesome. I love the user interface, neatly laid out, very straight forward and works like a charm! I have more than doubled my CPU speed w/this. MOST IMPORTANTLY: To all my fellow NOOBS, the help section on this app is FANTASTIC! I knew nothing about OCing before I bought this app. The help section taught me everything I needed to know and then some! How offten can you say that about an app??

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A Google User

Jrummy= (GOD)roid Works great, bought it as my first oc app 2 years ago, and love and use every extra feature that's included and will for years to come. Its perfect... and people- if you get a new phone, don't expect it to just oc your device simply because it worked on the last one. There's more to this than just installing an app. There's a lot of people working on the razr right now so just chill. Or do it yourself ;)

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A Google User

Amazing on Droid X Works instantly with root. With profiles I can set it to underclock when temps reach too high or battery reaches a certain level. When gaming I crank it up to 1.25 / 1.35 and it flies. Returns an error when background data is off, it requires it to make sure it's not a free version. Obviously not a problem just a side note.

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A Google User

Learn to use it correctly There are some really lame people leaving poor comments about this program. Just by reading their comments I can tell they do not know how to use the program correctly. I have used it.. on 7 different phones in the last 2 years and have never had a single problem. My ZTE Droid clocks from 122 to1024 megahertz perfectly. So please don't leave a lousy rating just find a simpler program that you are smart enough to use.