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Period Tracker Clue: Ovulation, Period Tracker App APK

Period Tracker Clue: Ovulation, Period Tracker App
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Period Tracker Clue: Ovulation, Period Tracker App description:

Clue is the #1 free period tracker and ovulation app that helps you discover unique patterns in your menstrual cycle. Clue predicts your period, PMS, and calculates when you’re fertile. Track all of your menstrual cycle changes in a period calendar including ovulation, fertility, cravings, mood, and more to learn how your cycle relates to your health. Clue is spot-on accurate, scientific, and straightforward: no pink, no butterflies—just the facts about your cycle and insights into your unique self.

“The best period tracker app” - WIRED, The Cut & featured in Cosmopolitan, Glamour, and Elle

✔ Period tracking | Track menstruation, pain, menstrual flow and period days
✔ PMS tracker | Set PMS reminders to know when to expect PMS symptoms
✔ Period calendar and ovulation calendar | Keep a personal period diary and view your cycle history in the menstrual calendar
✔ Period predictions and period reminders | an accurate period calculator that lets you know what’s coming
✔ Lifestyle & mood tracker | Track your sex, sleep, cervical fluid, energy levels and emotions
✔ Fertility tracker and ovulation tracker | Track ovulation and see your fertile days with the fertility calculator
✔ Plan a pregnancy | View your fertility window and ovulation calendar
✔ Birth control | Log your birth control pill and set daily pill reminders

• Clue is the free period tracker app that learns from the data YOU put in (the more you use it, the smarter it gets)
• Just started menstruating? Clue is the perfect period tracker for teens
• Clue is an accurate period calculator for people with regular and irregular cycles
• Get and set reminders for upcoming PMS and know when to expect symptoms

• Trying to get pregnant? Use the fertility tracker and ovulation calculator to plan a pregnancy and predict when you’re fertile and ovulating
• View previous cycles to better understand your ovulation days (ovulation calendar)
• Log your Basal Body Temperature (BBT) to pinpoint ovulation and fertile days

• 30+ customizable health categories to help you learn how your menstruation and menstrual cycle affects your body
• Use Clue as a general health tracker, mood tracker app, and log changes in everything from skin, hair, digestion, and more!
• Log exercises such as running, swimming, yoga, and plan your workouts around your period, PMS, and cycle

• Accurate ovulation calculator and period cycle data (period tracker) based on your menstrual flow and menstrual cycles
• Read scientific research within Clue Period Tracker and ovulation app to learn more about your menstrual flow, symptoms, and the reasons behind them

Note: Clue Period Tracker & Ovulation App should *not* be used as a contraceptive.

Want more educational content and answers to all of your sex questions? Read all about periods, sex, and menstrual cycle health at

We use gender-neutral language to make Clue accessible for anyone with a cycle. Join us in our mission to advance menstrual health for everyone.

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Unlock the secrets of your menstrual cycle by using Clue as a free period tracker app, fertility tracker and ovulation tracker app to track your menstruation, PMS, ovulation, fertility and period flow, and join over 11 million women, teens and people with cycles who are learning to live more in tune with their biology.
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